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4 Casino with Bitcoin
Last updated: 2023-03-14


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Top Bitcoin Casinos in Canada 2021

Bitcoin is a relatively new payment method that has managed to take the world by storm and gain popularity in Canada’s online casino industry thanks to plenty of benefits that come with playing at an online Bitcoin casino site. Over the last couple of years and counting, Bitcoin has turned out to become more and more widely accepted globally among players with the preference of safe, secure, and faster means of transferring cash online.

Are you a Canadian player looking for a top Bitcoin casino in Canada? You’ll be spoilt for choice since plenty of online casinos in the country accept this payment option. Chances of finding a no deposit bonus Bitcoin casino site that offers several bonuses and other promos such as free spins based on Bitcoin is so much higher in Canada. Such is very tempting, especially for those who choose to use this form of cryptocurrency for wagering.

Start here to find why online casinos, especially those in Canada, are starting to offer Bitcoin as a payment method. Continue reading to understand the top bitcoin casino sites in Canada that offer Bitcoin as a payment method, the promo code, and what to expect.

Top Bitcoin Casino Sites

Online casino across the globe–those in Canada included- mostly accept and provide guides for those that use Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

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How Bitcoin Transactions Work at Bitcoin Casino Sites

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Bitcoin works in the same manner as electronic wallet services, meaning that you can use the services to create an anonymous wallet that you can use to pay for several online services. There’s additional software needed to come up with the initial setup. It is important to note that when it comes to secure, safe, anonymous and convenient online banking, Bitcoin is a leader in the field.

So, how do Bitcoin transactions work, especially when transferring and withdrawing funds from sites that allow bitcoins? The whole process is simple than you may imagine. If you are looking to play with Bitcoin, you may have to follow four simple steps if you reside in Canada.

First, make sure that you sign up with a site in Canada that accepts Bitcoin. They should accept this form of cryptocurrency regardless of whether you are playing the bitcoin casino from their website or mobile app. The moment you sign up for a casino that accepts Bitcoin, you need to choose Bitcoin as your preferred deposit method. There will be several other payment options, but you need to select Bitcoin as your choice.

The third step involves using your Bitcoin Wallet in scanning the provided QR code or having to send your BTC to the address that the casino of your choice provides you with when making deposits. Once you are here, then you are almost complete. Your casino of choice will redirect you to your account. Once here, all you have to do is choose a welcome bonus and begin playing or enjoying your favourite casino games.

Of importance to note is that withdrawing your winnings from your casino of choice follows a similar process. What’s even ideal here is that the transactions tend to be fast, though your requests to withdraw at online casinos may take between 24 and 48 hours. Now that you have a clear understanding of what Bitcoin is, it’s time you understood its pros and cons, especially when it comes to online gambling.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

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Some advantages and disadvantages come with using Bitcoin, mainly when used as a payment method, even in Canada. The following are some of the benefits that accompany or instead come with the use of Bitcoin when playing in casinos:

  • Quick Payments – Bitcoin payments tend to be very fast compared to other banking options available at casino sites.
  • Enticing Deposit Bonuses – Plenty of online casinos offer several BTC bonuses and promotions, meaning that you receive bonuses and promotions such as free spins when you deposit Bitcoin
  • Best Security – Every transaction has a unique code, meaning that identity thieves and hackers can’t steal your information. It means that your hard-earned BTC is safe.
  • Free transactions and privacy – As a Canadian player playing at a bitcoin casino of your choice, you’ll never have to pay any fees when depositing or withdrawing using Bitcoin. Additionally, your bank information, name or won’t be used anywhere.

Besides the advantages, the following are some of the disadvantages of cons that come with using Bitcoin as a payment solution:

  • Little to almost no regulatory oversight should things go south.
  • Bitcoin still largely relies on the availability of the internet.
  • Converting Bitcoin into regular currency often comes with huge costs.
  • Bitcoin transactions tend to be immutable, meaning that you can’t get them back once funds leave your wallet.

Bitcoin Casinos Payment Pros and Cons

  • Instant transactions
  • Perfect security
  • No fees
  • Value fluctuation
  • Taxes
  • No Cancellation


Do all Canadian casinos accept Bitcoin?

Even though Bitcoin is gaining popularity as one of the best banking options, not all casinos in Canada accept Bitcoin as a banking option.

How much will I have to pay when using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions tend to be free. However, you can choose a much smaller fee should you want your transactions to proceed faster. Those we’ve listed above ensure that your fees stay at a minimum.

Is Bitcoin secure in terms of online casinos?

Absolutely! In fact, Bitcoin comes in as one of the most secure ways to pay for any online goods and services.

What’s the best Bitcoin casino in Canada?

There are several of them. But you can trust the ones mentioned above for the best services.