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Best Free Online Casino Games to Play in Canada

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-04-22 | Last updated on: 2022-01-24

If you live in Canada, you can access some of the best and most advanced free online casino games. Are you a seasoned pro? You’ll love the realism and excitement of online casino games—just like the real thing!

Top Canadian Casinos to Play Free Online Casino Games in 2022

  • 1
    CasiQo Casino
    CasiQo Casino

    Welcome bonus

    No bonuses

    No bonuses


    A lot of Games

    • Fast sign up
    • Speedy payouts
    • 10% weekly cashback
  • 2
    YOJU Casino
    YOJU Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 3000 CAD + 100 FS

    3000 CAD + 100 FS


    A lot of Games

    • Multiple payment options
    • A modern, fast platform (SoftSwiss)
    • A massive selection of games
  • 3
    Lucky Nugget
    Lucky Nugget

    Welcome Bonus

    150% bonus up to 200 CAD

    200 CAD


    Slots Casino

    • 24/7 support
    • 128-bit SSL encryprion
    • eCOGRA-approved
  • 4

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 571.5 CAD + 155 FS

    571.5 CAD


    Best New Casino

    • Mobile Compatibility
    • Cryptocurrencies support
    • Exclusive bonuses for high rollers
  • 5
    21 Casino
    21 Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 1000 CAD

    1000 CAD


    A lot of Games

    • Compatible with both desktop and
    • Features a staggering number of
    • Features a real live dealer
  • 6
    ComeOn Casino
    ComeOn Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 1500 CAD + 300 FS!

    1500 CAD + 300 FS


    Bitcoin casino

    • Social slot gaming
    • Exciting loyalty program
    • Diverse welcome bonuses
  • 7
    Evospin Casino
    Evospin Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 2000 CAD + 100 FS!

    2000 CAD + 100 FS


    A lot of Games

    • Numerous payment options are accepted
    • Simple design
    • Customer service is provided via
  • 8
    Casino Room
    Casino Room

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 1500 CAD!

    1500 CAD


    Best Casino

    • 1000+ thrilling games
    • 500 welcome bonus CAD +
    • Variety of Reel rewards
  • 9
    N1 Casino
    N1 Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 600 CAD

    600 CAD


    Best New Casino

    • Well Designed
    • Many Top Developers
    • Great Live Casino
  • 10
    Ruby Fortune
    Ruby Fortune

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 750 CAD

    750 CAD


    Best Casino

    • 500+ trendy games collection
    • Online Jackpot of $100,000
    • 24/7 courteous customer support

Are you just learning a game and anxious to play in front of others? Playing online is the best way to learn casino games and hone your skills before hitting the tables in real life. Plus, playing for free, you don’t have to spend a fortune—or anything—to develop your skills and learn to play. Play as long as you want whenever you want without risking a dime of real money.

  • Free Online Slots

    Free Online Slots

    Test A Slot In A Free Mode

  • Free Video Poker

    Free Video Poker

    Skilfull And Luck Reliant Game

  • Free Online Roulette

    Free Online Roulette

    Practice Before A Real Game

  • Free Online Blackjack

    Free Online Blackjack

    Learn Where To Beat The Dealer

Free Online Blackjack Casino Games

Ahhh, blackjack, the darling of casinos and gamblers the world over! A lively game that involves a mixture of luck and skill to win, blackjack tables are some of the rowdiest, most crowded games at a casino and the online experience is no different.

While very popular, winning at blackjack requires at least a rudimentary knowledge of gameplay skills, and inexperienced players’ poor choices can negatively affect other players’ hands. For this reason, many players like to develop basic blackjack skills before sitting down at a real table. Players interested in learning blackjack can find many free online casino games to play with no registration or deposit required. Players can play free online casino games, including blackjack, for as long as they want without risking real money.

Online blackjack is essentially the same as in a casino. Only you have handy buttons on your screen offering you a choice between hitting or staying, a counter that lets you know your score and provides a total of how much you’ve bet and what remains of your bankroll. Additionally, you can play with a resource such as a book or a blog that teaches you the best tips and tricks for those just learning.

Are you looking for even more realism? Online blackjack games such as Evolution Blackjack offer real dealers playing on real tables you can interact with within high definition—it’s the next best thing to being right there!

Free blackjack online

Free Online Baccarat Casino Games

Baccarat is an extremely popular casino game that offers players some of the best odds of all online casino games. Players don’t receive their cards but can bet on whether the dealer will show a win for the Banker or Player or produce a draw.

Once bets are placed, the dealer will deal out cards face up—two each for both the Player and Banker—and the hand that is closest to nine wins. There are plenty of different ways that the cards can be added up, and we won’t get into the details here, but suffice to say, it’s an exciting game that combines the elements of luck and skill for a real thrill.

There are all kinds of sites that offer free online baccarat games to build up your skills and confidence. Once mastered, baccarat can be a great way to have fun playing online casino games as it is a favourite of experienced casino players.

Free Online Roulette Casino Games

Roulette is the quintessential game of chance; even non-gamblers love to take their chance on the spinning wheel!

The concept is simple: Players place bets on various outcomes for the spinning wheel with probabilities of almost 50% (there is a green 0 button, so for example, a black/red bet doesn’t quite offer 50%) for the smallest payout, 1 to 1, and 2.6% for the highest payout, 35 to 1. Given there are so many bets that offer winning probabilities of close to 50%, you can see how this game can get exciting, really fast.

Playing roulette online for free is just as exciting as playing in a real casino with none of the financial risks! Ever wanted to see if you could successfully hit a single number in roulette, the least probable outcome with the highest payout? Of course, you have! Everyone has, but it can be hard to wager real money on such an unlikely outcome.

With free online casino games in Canada, you can take in the whole roulette experience without risking a dime. Many online casino games in Canada offer free play with no registration and no deposit—just visit the website and start playing! With no real money on the line, feel free to play your favourite number and see how long it takes until you get paid big time.

Free Online slots

Free Online Slots Casino Games

If you’re looking for free online casino games to play, slots are probably at the top of your list. If you live in Canada, you won’t be disappointed—there are hundreds of free online slots in Canada you can play for fun with no deposit.

The great thing about slots is that if you don’t know how to play—it doesn’t matter! Slots are purely random games that require the player to make bets on whether or not three or more of the same symbol will show up on a payline and how many paylines to play.

Once the player hits the ‘Spin’ button, the computer algorithm produces an entirely random sequence of symbols and pays out the player if any of their bets hit. Even if you don’t see the big jackpot you just hit, the computer will let you know. With no knowledge or skill required to play, you can see why slots are such a big attraction.

Playing free online slots can be precisely the same as playing in a casino. With hundreds of free online slots in Canada, your choices are endless, and with player-friendly interfaces, playing slots online couldn’t be any easier. Bring the excitement of the casino right into your own home and enjoy hours of fun without registering or risking a dime.

Free Online Casino Games

In this article, we focus on some of the more popular online casino games—blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots—but you’ll find that online casinos offer the same breadth and variety real-life casinos. Whether you’re looking for online slots, table games, or live dealer action, you can find it at one of the hundreds of online casinos in Canada.

Play Online Slots for Free

  • Zoom
  • Zombirthday
  • Zombies versus cheerleaders ii
    Zombies versus cheerleaders ii
  • Zombies versus cheerleaders
    Zombies versus cheerleaders
  • Zombie hoard
    Zombie hoard
  • Zeus god of thunder
    Zeus god of thunder
  • Zeus 3
    Zeus 3
  • Zeus 2
    Zeus 2

Most of these games can be played for free without a download or deposit, so aspiring players can feel free to learn new games in the privacy of their own homes without spending a fortune or having to ask embarrassing questions at a casino.

The Advantages of Playing Free Casino Games Online in Canada

Thinking about playing free casino games in Canada but aren’t sure if it’s for you? Here are some advantages you’ll find with free online casino games:

  • Easy to learn new games and build skills for more complicated games
  • Completely free to play online casino games; no need to risk real money
  • Enjoy free entertainment from the comfort of your own home

Canadian free online casino games

Learn and Develop Skills Playing Free Casino Games

For inexperienced players, casinos can be intimidating and confusing places. For example, craps, a popular table game, requires dealers to take a six-week training course before they can fully understand how betting and payouts work—imagine how long it would take an interested spectator to pick up!

Free online casino games to play in Canada offer players the opportunity to learn new games and develop their knowledge and skill in their own homes’ safety and comfort. The best part is—playing for free. You can practice as much as you want without risking real money.

Have fun, build your skills, and do it all for free—what could be better?

Play Online Casino Games For Free Without Risking Real Money

There’s a lot to love about casinos—the excitement, the flashing lights, the jackpots—but there is a downside to casinos. There are hundreds of losers for every big winner as the House is guaranteed to come out ahead in the long run.

Playing for free without a deposit means that you can play as much as you want without worrying about breaking the bank with your losses. With an unlimited bankroll, imagine all the fun you could have without any of the monetary risks!

Playing online casino games for free is a gambler’s dream come true.

Enjoy Free Online Casino Games From Your Home

What’s better than winning a huge jackpot? Why, winning a huge jackpot in your most comfy pyjamas while relaxing at home on your couch, of course!

One of the most significant advantages of free online casino games to play is that you can play whenever and wherever you want. A quick slots game while you’re making your morning smoothie? Why not! Testing your skill at a nail-biting blackjack game while binge-watching your favourite show? Of course! Trying your luck at some baccarat while relaxing in your living room? Nothing could be better!

Enjoying free online casino games from your home has never been easier. In Canada, there are hundreds of free online casino games to play, with many requiring no download, registration, or deposit. All you need is access to the Internet and, of course, a little luck!

Best Free Online Casino Providers in Canada

If you live in Canada, you have access to some of the best free online casino providers. There are hundreds of sites to choose from, and the one you select will depend on what type of game you’re looking to play and your personal preferences. Here are some of the best free online casino providers in Canada:

  • SpinAway
  • Casino Tropez
  • Casino Planet
  • JackpotCity Casino
  • GoGo Casino

Best Online Casinos for New Players

If you’re new to playing online casinos for free, you’ll want to check out some of the more player-friendly sites. Of course, your site selection will also depend on the type of game you’re looking to play.

  • Slots
  • Table Games
  • Live Dealers

Player-Friendly Online Casino Games for Slots

One of the best online casino slots sites for new players is Casino Planet. This site was voted ‘New Player Favourite’ by online casino aggregator

Casino Planet offers a great variety of casino play, from slots to casino games. Whatever your gambling itch, Casino Planet can scratch it. It’s a favourite among new players because of its user-friendly interface and an impressive selection of games.

While you will have to register an account to play, there’s no software to download as it all runs through the cloud, and new players receive a generous bonus and free spins.

Free online casino table games

Player-Friendly Online Casino Games for Table Games

For pure, unadulterated table game excitement, check out the tried-and-true JackpotCity Casino for the best in online blackjack, roulette, keno, and more! JackpotCity Casino is among the favourites of online casino players for a good reason. It’s a clean, easy-to-use site that has been around for a while. JackpotCity Casino offers a great sign-up bonus for new players if you create an account.

Another excellent site for free online casino table games is, which offers an incredible selection of online casino games all available to play for free. Games offered at include slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, poker, bingo, keno, and many more.

Player-Friendly Online Casino Games for Live Dealers

If you’re looking for a live-dealer experience with your table games, look no further than Casino Classic, Yukon Gold Casino, or Evolution Blackjack. These online casinos offer live-action dealers for their free online casino table games, including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

The coolest part about the live dealer experience is that you are interacting with a real person. Sure, it’s online, but it adds an element of authenticity to the game.

Best Online Casinos for Bonuses

If you love a juicy bonus (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to take your playing to SpinAway, Royal Vegas Online Casino, Casino Friday!, or Casino Room. lists these four online casinos as the best for bonuses.

To make the most of playing free online slots or casino games in Canada, you’ll want to sign up with the sites offering the best new player bonuses. Bonuses are “money” given to you by the online casino as a reward for signing up. While you can’t cash out, you can use the bonus money in your account to explore and play tons of free online casino games in Canada.

Is It Safe To Play Casino Games Online in Canada?

According to survey research, players prioritize a safe online gaming experience overall when selecting which online casino to play.

There is a lot of money to be made off of online casinos, so of course, there will be a few rotten eggs out there. Before providing any information—especially financial—to an online casino, check on an online casino aggregator site such as to see if the site you’ve chosen to play at is recognized as a safe, reliable online casino.

Suppose you are using a reputable online casino site or selected your online casino from a respected aggregator or provincial regulator. In that case, you can feel confident that your online casino play is safe.

How To Choose the Best Free Online Casino in Canada

When selecting which free online casino to play with, start by choosing the game (or games) you intend to play and then check aggregator sites for the most popular online casino sites offering that game or games.

As most online casinos offer various free online casino games and slots, simply filtering by type of game offered probably won’t pare your list down to a reasonable number of online casinos to choose from. To pare your list down, look for casinos that have been highly rated in categories that are important to you, such as:

  • Players’ favourite
  • Best bonuses
  • The largest variety of games
  • New casino
  • Most popular

Your online casino choice will ultimately depend on what’s more important to you, for example, scoring the biggest bonuses or playing the most popular online casino.

When choosing the best online casino for playing free casino games in Canada, the one thing to remember is to select a site that you have fun playing. Before deciding on just one, check out a couple of different online casinos to see which offers the player interface and selection of games that appeal to you the most. The beauty of playing free online casino games is that you can play as many online casino sites as you want with no real money on the line!

Playing Online Casino Games for Free

Now that you know the basics of playing free online casino games, it’s time to get out there and test your luck! Whatever your online casino game—blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots or something else—you now know how to find and play the best free online casino games.


What Is the Best Free Online Casino?

Players can access free casino games at a vast array of Canadian online casinos. The need to sign-up and download at some of these wagering platforms is pretty much non-existent as players can play free games ranging from slots, baccarat, keno, poker, and blackjack, without any hitches whatsoever.

How Do I Start Playing for Free?

To begin your journey for free online casino games, tap on your preferred gaming option, and it'll load up on your web browser. Alternatively, you can head to any Canadian online casino with free games and select the "free play" option. Before gameplay starts, consider seeing a guide to get up to speed with that game's specifics.

Is Software Download a Requirement to Enjoy Free Online Casino Games?

Downloading software to play free games isn't necessary. All you need to enjoy these casino offerings is your device's web browser and a steady internet connection. This way, storage space in your PC or mobile device is intact, allowing you to switch between games seamlessly.

Are Free Online Casino Games Rigged to Give Favourable Results?

At regulated and licensed Canadian websites, rigging isn't an issue. The games present on these iGaming destinations are precisely the same as their actual money offerings. Here, the only difference is that players can't withdraw winnings gotten from money-free versions.

What Are the Most Popular Free Casino Games?

Although these games are free, making wins will influence a player's decision to try out a game for real money. Slots like Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, and Mega Moolah are currently gaining traction amongst Canucks, as they feature a higher RTP (Return to Player) value than other games in its category. Next, in terms of popularity, is video poker.