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Online Slots Games in Canada 2022 & Sites for Play

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2020-12-09 | Last updated on: 2022-01-24

Great news for fans of fun and excitement—you can play slots online in Canada for real money! Bring the excitement of the casino into the comfort of your living room with one simple click. Online slots in Canada are easy to find and even easier to play. Keep reading to learn the basics of playing online slots, how online slot machines work, and best practices to help you win real money!

Best Canadian Casinos to Play Slots Online

  • 1
    N1 Casino
    N1 Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 600 CAD

    600 CAD


    Best New Casino

    • Well Designed
    • Many Top Developers
    • Great Live Casino
  • 2
    YOJU Casino
    YOJU Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 3000 CAD + 100 FS

    3000 CAD + 100 FS


    A lot of Games

    • Multiple payment options
    • A modern, fast platform (SoftSwiss)
    • A massive selection of games
  • 3
    Jackpot City Casino
    Jackpot City Casino

    Deposit Bonus

    100% up to 1600 CAD

    1600 CAD


    A lot of Games

    • Numerous payment options
    • Impressive slots collection
    • Proactive customer support
  • 4
    Spin Palace Casino
    Spin Palace Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% up to 1000 CAD

    1000 CAD


    Mobile Casino

    • No minimum limit withdrawas
    • Staggering slots collection
    • Responsive customer support
  • 5
    ComeOn Casino
    ComeOn Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 1500 CAD + 300 FS!

    1500 CAD + 300 FS


    Bitcoin casino

    • Social slot gaming
    • Exciting loyalty program
    • Diverse welcome bonuses
  • 6
    Tsars Casino
    Tsars Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% up to 3000 CAD + 200 Bonus Spins

    3000 CAD


    Top Trend

    • Fast and safe withdrawal
    • Advantageous promotions
    • Fast customer support
  • 7
    Betsson Casino
    Betsson Casino

    First Deposit

    100% up to 100 CAD + 101 Bonus Spins

    100 CAD


    Mobile Casino

    • Fast Payout
    • Huge amount of games
    • Nice app
  • 8
    Betsafe Casino
    Betsafe Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% up to 1000 CAD + 50 Bonus Spins

    1000 CAD


    Mobile Casino

    • Sports betting for Canada
    • Poker network
    • ECogra guarantees the fairness
  • 9
    CasiQo Casino
    CasiQo Casino

    Welcome bonus

    No bonuses

    No bonuses


    A lot of Games

    • Fast sign up
    • Speedy payouts
    • 10% weekly cashback
  • 10
    Bettilt Casino
    Bettilt Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% up to 1000 CAD

    1000 CAD


    A lot of Games

    • Curacao license
    • Abundant and varied promotions
    • Multiple cryptocurrencies supported

What Are Online Slots in Canada

Online slots are virtually identical to slots found in casinos, except they are played through your computer or mobile phone. Players can access free slots in Canada by visiting a site that offers slots in Canada online and signing up. Most online slots in Canada accept credit cards or PayPal as a means to fund your bankroll. Once you have an account and have deposited cash, you’re ready to play!

  • Real Money Slots

    Real Money Slots

    It’s Time To Hit $$$ Combination

  • Mobile Slots

    Mobile Slots

    Immersive Gaming On Your Phone

  • Video Slots

    Video Slots

    Cooler Than Netflix, More Than Games

  • New Slots

    New Slots

    Brand-New Games To Play Now

How To Play Online Slots

If you can click a button, then you can play slots in Canada online—no, really, it’s that simple! Online slots look almost exactly like the slots you would play in a casino, except everything is virtual. Online slots display symbols on reels, your total credits available to play with, betting options, and a button to ‘spin’ the reels.

Best Slot Games at the Canadian Online Casinos

  • Break da bank again
    Break da bank again
  • Castle builder
    Castle builder
  • Sweet Bonanza
    Sweet Bonanza
  • Raging rhino
    Raging rhino
  • Jungle wild
    Jungle wild
  • Crystal forest
    Crystal forest
  • Book of dead
    Book of dead
  • Mega joker
    Mega joker
  • Cricket star
    Cricket star
  • Gonzos quest
    Gonzos quest
  • Genies gems
    Genies gems
  • Game of thrones 243 Ways
    Game of thrones 243 Ways

How To Win Playing Online Slots

Winning payouts in slots Canada online depend on paylines, which can connect symbols across reels. Generally, matching three identical symbols across a payline results in a win for the player, but it can be more or less depending on the specific game.

Before spinning, a player must make two decisions:

  1. How much they are willing to wager on each payline
  2. How many paylines they want to wager on

The number of paylines differs based on the specific slots game being played, and players can choose to wager on as few or as many paylines as possible. A player pays more per spin based on the number of paylines wagered on. Therefore betting on more paylines increases your chances of winning but also costs more per spin. Players should evaluate their bankroll and the length of time they want that bankroll to last to determine their wager’s size, not merely play the most paylines possible.

Once a player has set their bet size and chosen the number of paylines they want to wager on, the next step is to press ‘spin’. Of course, there isn’t any real spinning going on with slots online in Canada, but what is happening is that the computer software is selecting which symbols to display on each reel. If three or more identical symbols are displayed along with one of the paylines the player wagered on, then that player wins. There are several other ways for players to win, which are discussed next.

Online slots

Bonuses, Scatters, and Wild Cards

When playing slots in Canada for real money, a player can win without matching three or more identical symbols on a payline through the following:

  • Bonus games
  • Scatter symbols
  • Wild Card symbols

Bonus Games

While not all free slots in Canada have bonus games, many do as bonus games allow for big wins, enticing players. A bonus game is like a game-within-a-game for slots in Canada and can resemble the slots game itself or be a distinct interactive mini-game.

Bonus games typically involve giving players the chance to increase their winnings through free spins and increased multipliers (the amount wagered against a payout) and can often involve creative and fun ways for players to earn extra money. Players generally access bonus games by scoring three or more scatter symbols on a payline.

Scatter Symbols

A scatter symbol is generally used by slots in Canada online as the gateway to bonus games. For slots in Canada that offer bonus games, players must typically get three or more scatter symbols together on one payline to access the bonus game. Scatter symbols can go by other names, including bonus.

Wild Cards

Wild cards are symbols that can represent any other symbol. For instance, if two identical symbols are on the same payline as a wild card, the player wins. However, wild cards are generally worthless in terms of a payout than tangible symbols. Therefore while wild cards may increase a player’s chance of winning, they will not increase the payout.

How To Determine Payouts For Online Slots In Canada

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of winning a jackpot in slots — the excitement, the exhilaration, the…confusion. For many first-time players of slots online in Canada, determining whether they’ve won can be confusing, and many rely on the slots game to let them know if they’re a winner or a loser.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but understanding how payouts work for slots in Canada not only makes the game more enjoyable but also can help players to craft their betting and playing strategies.

Determining Payouts From Regular Play

In this section, we will discuss the key items involved in determining payouts for slots in Canada online:

  1. Symbols
  2. Reels
  3. Paylines
  4. Return To Player (RTP)

What Are Symbols

In Canada, symbols in free slots are the individual pieces that determine whether a player has lost or won. Most people will be familiar with the original real-life slots with various symbols on three reels and required players to pull a lever to start the reels spinning.

If there are three identical symbols displayed in a row when the reels stop spinning, the player is a winner. How much the player wins depends on the winning symbol’s value and the amount wagered by the player. Online slots in Canada work precisely the same way instead of reels and a physical lever, and slot games are digital.

How Are Symbols Valued

The value of a symbol depends entirely on the specific slots in Canada you are playing. Many players will be familiar with the original slots game mentioned above, where the number 7 is the most valuable symbol. Still, players can also be rewarded by matching three cherries or three ‘BAR’ symbols.

Before playing slots in Canada online, review the various symbols in your chosen slots game and how much each is worth. Face symbols—usually represented by characters or playing card faces—are generally worth the most. In contrast, numbered symbols typically are worth the least, but again, there is no set symbol standard for free slots in Canada, and the individual game sets the value.

While individual symbols have their value, a player’s payout is calculated by whether or not the player wagered on the winning payline and how much. For instance, a player betting more per spin will win a larger payout than a player betting less. The general formula for calculating the payout of a particular symbol is the value of that symbol times the amount of the player’s wager.

When playing slots online in Canada, it’s essential to keep in mind that not all wins result in a positive return. Some symbols pay out less than it costs the player to spin, so even though the player technically won, the payout is less than what was wagered, and therefore the player will lose money in the long term.

What Are Reels

In real-life slots, the reels are the actual mechanism that spins the symbols to determine if the player is a winner or not on that particular spin. In slots online in Canada, the ‘reels’ are computer code that decides at random which symbols to display.

Original slots typically consisted of three reels; however, modern online slots can have many reels. The number of reels does not impact the payout of online slots in Canada, but it does offer players more chances to win by wagering on more paylines, determining whether or not a player has won.

While playing additional paylines increases a player’s chance of matching symbols, it also costs more per wager. This is why it’s crucial to base your betting on your bankroll and not the slots game options.

Slots paylines

What Are Paylines

Paylines are lines that can be drawn through the reels joining symbols together. They can be horizontal or in a ‘Z’ pattern but typically not vertical. The number of paylines offered by any particular slots in Canada is determined by the number of reels and symbols per reel.

A game with ten symbols per reel and ten reels will offer many more paylines for a player to wager on than a game with three symbols per reel and three reels but is not any more likely to generate a positive cash flow than any other online slots in Canada.

To wager before spinning, players choose the amount they are willing to bet and how many paylines they wish to wager on. The bet is then multiplied by the number of paylines played to determine the amount it will cost the player to spin. For example, if a player has chosen to wager $0.50 and wants to bet on five paylines per spin, each spin will cost the player $2.50.

As players increase the number of paylines they are willing to wager on per spin, their chance of winning increases; however, at the same time, their cost per spin goes up. The decision to play additional lines should be based on a player’s bankroll and not the misguided perception that playing more paylines increases profit.

Return To Player (RTP)

The Return To Player (RTP) is information that all slots online in Canada must make available to players. As online slots in Canada are digital, the RTP is the amount that the game has been programmed to return to players. As a player, you generally want to play slots in Canada for real money with games that have a high RTP.

An RTP number can be anywhere from 1 to 99 and represents how a player can be expected to get as a return for a $100 investment. For example, if a game has an RTP of 96, players can expect to receive $96 for every $100 invested. If you’re thinking that that sounds like players are losing money, you are right!

A slot machine can never have an RTP higher than 99 as an RTP of 100 means there is no profit for the casino, and an RTP above 100 means the slots game would cost the casino money to run. Since casinos are a for-profit businesses, slots online in Canada will have RTPs of 99 or less.

Determining Payouts From Bonus Play

When playing slots online in Canada, certain online slots games will offer bonus games, which change how the slots game is played and allows players to win big.

The type of bonus game offered—if at all—is determined by the particular slots game, but typically bonus games fall into one of the following types:

  1. A game-within-a-game that allows the player to continue to play the same online slots game but generally with free spins and higher bet multipliers
  2. A wheel of fortune where players can spin for prizes such as higher multipliers and free spins
  3. A completely separate interactive game

Oftentimes, online slots in Canada don’t advertise their bonus games and the only way to discover them is to play. One of the many reasons playing slots online in Canada for real money is so fun and exciting!

A bonus game generally starts when a player hits three identical symbols on a payline representing the bonus game, such as a scatter or bonus symbol. For games-within-a-game, the bonus game will change how the slot is played and typically provide the player with a number of free spins with the wager set to equal that which triggered the bonus game. Some bonus games will offer players the chance to play for higher multipliers or win more free spins; however, the individual game sets bonus game parameters.

Some players are impressed by online slots games that offer tons of bonus games, but it’s important to keep in mind that bonus games are also taken into account when calculating the RTP; therefore, online slots in Canada with no bonus games and an RTP of 98, will payout better in the long run than online slots with tons of bonus games and an RTP of 92.

Strategies For Playing Slots Online In Canada

Many strategies circulate about how to ‘beat’ slots games, everything from how to bet strategically to determine if a game is ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. In this section, we’re going to dissect those strategies and provide you with practical advice to improve your odds at slots in Canada online.

Myth #1: Betting Bigger Wins Bigger

This one is technically true, but what it doesn’t factor in is the cost per spin to bet bigger. Based on the payout calculations we discussed earlier, it’s easy to see how playing additional paylines or increasing the amount of your wager can increase your payout on a win — but also, it increases the amount it costs to spin. Slots in Canada for real money are legit and designed to profit the casino, not the players. Therefore a player will typically experience more losing spins than winning ones.

Even though the amount they win is more immense because of how much it costs to play, betting bigger does not generate better returns than smaller betting.

Myth #2: ‘Hot’ Slots Are Due To Win

There is a theory among online slots players that games can become ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, which can determine whether they are close to a big payout.

A ‘hot’ slots game has not given a big win or a payout recently, and players believe it is ‘due’. In contrast, a ‘cold’ slot game has recently delivered a large payout and is therefore thought to be unlikely to payout again soon.

While this belief adds excitement to the game and keeps players on their toes, it is absolutely false. As discussed earlier, slots in Canada are entirely random. Each spin is entirely independent of the last, making it possible (though highly unlikely) for an online slots game to deliver several huge payouts in a row or, conversely, not provide any payouts.

When playing slots in Canada for real money, selecting which games to play based on their most recent historical performance will not increase your chances of winning.

Big win slot

Winning Strategies For Online Slots In Canada

Unlike other casino games, such as poker and blackjack, online slots in Canada are completely random and, therefore, almost impossible to play strategically (a strategic play increases a player’s chances of winning).

Instead of strategizing how best to play slots online, focus on strategizing your betting to maximize your bankroll. For instance, if you are playing with a bankroll of $20, it’s not advisable to wager $2.50 on each spin as you probably won’t be playing long before your bankroll runs out.

Consider your total bankroll and the amount of time you wish to play to plan your wagers properly. From that, determine the appropriate amount to wager per spin so that you can stretch out your bankroll for the length of time you want to play. This strategy won’t guarantee you’ll win, but it will help you make the most of your playing time and hopefully increase the fun factor!


What are the most popular online slots to play in Canada?

There are myriad online casinos that offer slots play in Canada, including Spin Casino, JackpotCity Casino, and Ruby Fortune. Most of these sites allow players to wager with real money and are perfectly legit; however, as with all things, there are scams out there. Before sending money to an online slots casino, check on my site to ensure it is legit.

Is there a strategy to win long-term slots?

No, and in fact, slots are specifically designed to produce a loss for players in the long term. As a random game, there is no way for players to impact the outcome of any particular spin. The best way to try and make money long-term at online slots is to cash out immediately after every big win—which is easier said than done!

Should I play a slot with no bonus games?

Absolutely. Bonus games are a lot of fun and certainly add some excitement to online slots in Canada, but they do not increase a player’s chances of winning. The Return To Player amount determines how often a particular game will payout, not the individual aspects of the game.

Is it legal to play slots online in Canada?

Yes! And with actual casinos shut down due to Covid-19, there’s no better time to learn to play slots online in Canada.