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Slots Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players Wanting to Win More

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-05-31 | Last updated on: 2021-09-22

From the invention of the Liberty Bell to the modern casino games available to play through desktop and mobile devices, slots have come a long way not only without losing their popularity but also increasing it at times. Remarkably, 75% of games in the collections of most online casinos are slots. And this is due to their several key features – simple game rules, high accessibility, variety of themes, great winning potential. Regardless of whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, you have probably already made at least a few spins that have brought you large payouts.

Best Canadian Casinos to Play Slots Online

  • 1
    CasiQo Casino
    CasiQo Casino

    Welcome bonus

    No bonuses

    No bonuses


    A lot of Games

    • Fast sign up
    • Speedy payouts
    • 10% weekly cashback
  • 2
    YOJU Casino
    YOJU Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 3000 CAD + 100 FS

    3000 CAD + 100 FS


    A lot of Games

    • Multiple payment options
    • A modern, fast platform (SoftSwiss)
    • A massive selection of games
  • 3
    Lucky Nugget
    Lucky Nugget

    Welcome Bonus

    150% bonus up to 200 CAD

    200 CAD


    Slots Casino

    • 24/7 support
    • 128-bit SSL encryprion
    • eCOGRA-approved
  • 4

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 571.5 CAD + 155 FS

    571.5 CAD


    Best New Casino

    • Mobile Compatibility
    • Cryptocurrencies support
    • Exclusive bonuses for high rollers
  • 5
    21 Casino
    21 Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 1000 CAD

    1000 CAD


    A lot of Games

    • Compatible with both desktop and
    • Features a staggering number of
    • Features a real live dealer
  • 6
    ComeOn Casino
    ComeOn Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 1500 CAD + 300 FS!

    1500 CAD + 300 FS


    Bitcoin casino

    • Social slot gaming
    • Exciting loyalty program
    • Diverse welcome bonuses
  • 7
    Evospin Casino
    Evospin Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 2000 CAD + 100 FS!

    2000 CAD + 100 FS


    A lot of Games

    • Numerous payment options are accepted
    • Simple design
    • Customer service is provided via
  • 8
    Casino Room
    Casino Room

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 1500 CAD!

    1500 CAD


    Best Casino

    • 1000+ thrilling games
    • 500 welcome bonus CAD +
    • Variety of Reel rewards
  • 9
    N1 Casino
    N1 Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 600 CAD

    600 CAD


    Best New Casino

    • Well Designed
    • Many Top Developers
    • Great Live Casino
  • 10
    Ruby Fortune
    Ruby Fortune

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 750 CAD

    750 CAD


    Best Casino

    • 500+ trendy games collection
    • Online Jackpot of $100,000
    • 24/7 courteous customer support

Since there are far more slots than any other casino game, the time spent developing slot machine strategies is certainly worth it. Even if you have had the experience of playing slots, you need slots tips to show you how to play and win. So, we recommend you bookmark this page and return to it, again and again, every time you play online casino games.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Originally invented to entertain casual gamblers, casino slots are quite different from traditional gambling games such as baccarat or roulette. Since slot games do not require any special gambling knowledge, they allow everyone willing to make at least a small bet to enter the game easily. This idea led to a huge success, and mechanical slot machines that came on the scene became very popular. Although slot machine technology has changed significantly, the key principles of their operation have remained the same, meaning that once developed strategies on how to beat slot machines still work.

Slot Machines with a Lever

The first slot machines, such as the Liberty Bell, used mechanical reels driven by a special lever. Located on the right side of the body, the lever looks like a hand – that’s why slot machines began to be called “one-armed bandits.” Curiously enough, the classic slot machines displayed symbols of fruit corresponding to the flavour of gum they rewarded gamblers for landing a winning combination. So, that’s why classic 3-reel slots are nicknamed “fruit” slots.

Early slot machines used a classic design based on a complex system of levers and gears. The metal shaft with the reels connected to the lever mechanism is the central element. The lever is locked until the coin detector signals that a coin has been placed in the coin slot. By pulling the lever, the gambler triggers the spinning of the reels, and a special braking system is responsible for stopping them. Special sensors record the final position of the reels after stopping their rotation. It is impossible to predict in what place the reels will stop, so this system provides the randomness of the game results.

RNG-Based Slots

The mechanical slots were replaced with computerized machines based on RNG, a special algorithm that generates random numbers, where each number corresponds to a particular symbol. Instead of mechanical drive, improved slots began to use displays showing animated virtual reels. Remarkably, the first video slot used Sony TV to display the virtual reels. In those days, so-called penny slots dominated, capable of paying out large jackpots at a rate of just one penny.

Online Slot Machines

With the development of internet technology, casino games changed their face significantly, becoming online apps displaying virtual slot machines. Also, based on RNG, they are now available to play through desktop and mobile devices. Despite skepticism on some gambling enthusiasts, online slots ensure fair play with game results that cannot be predicted by either the players or the casino. Moreover, modern technologies allow game studios to create advanced slots packed with many additional features making the gameplay even more exciting and potentially profitable.

Slots Tips – RTP Rate

slots RTP

If you’ve played online slots, you’ve probably heard something about the term RTP mentioned numerous times. Even if you do not understand what it means, this RTP is an important factor for slot gaming. Moreover, many online slot tips and strategies have been developed with RTP since this parameter influences the gaming results. So, if you want to know how to beat slot machines, RTP is the thing you should start with.

Expressed as a percentage, RTP stands for “return-to-player” and describes the percentage ratio of how much money is spent on bets to the amount of money you’re guaranteed to get back through a huge number of spins. For example, if you choose a slot with RTP of 96% and spend a total of CAD$ 1,000 on bets (throughout a game session), you are guaranteed to get CAD$ 960 back. The RTP shows how much you can expect to lose playing this or that slot if you hit a losing streak.

Slots with the Highest RTP

It is important to understand that RTP is calculated based on long gaming sessions with several thousand or millions of spins. However, anything can happen during a small number of spins, and that is what makes slots so exciting and thrilling. Furthermore, RTP is complicated math, and the more complicated the slots become, the harder it is to calculate RTP. Containing extra features, modern slots distribute the RTP between the base game and the bonuses. As for the best games with the highest RTP, we recommend trying your hand at Mega Joker, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Bloodsuckers and some other outstanding titles.

Return-to-Player Myths

To get rid of misconceptions about RTP, let’s look at some myths about this parameter:

  • Canadian online casinos can change the RTP. This is not true. Powered by the software of a particular provider, online slots do not allow online casinos to interfere with their operation.
  • Your best online slot strategy should take into account the RTP. This is true, as many betting systems based on numerical sequences work more effectively if the RTP is high enough – from 95% and above.
  • RTP does not matter if you play short game sessions. This is true and untrue, as anything can happen over several spins, but a high RTP means that you have a higher winning odds.
  • RTP can be low if you play progressive jackpot slots. Since part of the RTP realized through progressive jackpot system, many progressives cannot boast a high value of RTP, such as Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.

Although RTP is important, you should also consider some other parameters when choosing slots.

Tips on Slots – Volatility Level

Many players often confuse RTP with the volatility level at slots. While closely related, they are not the same thing. Volatility determines the way RTP will be realized. In simple words, volatility determines how often you will land winning combinations and how big the payouts from those combinations will be. Typically, volatility takes on three values:

  • Low volatility meaning you will make frequent hits while getting small payouts.
  • Medium volatility – the average frequency of hits with average payout amounts.
  • High volatility meaning that you will land winning combinations quite rarely, but the payouts will be impressive.

Having figured out what volatility is, you can conclude that not all high-RTP slots will be friendly for your wallet. So, most slot machine tips consider both RTP and volatility.

slots money bonus

Slots Bonuses

As an integral part of casino gaming, bonuses allow gamblers to play for much longer with less financial outlay. Playing slots at Canadian online casinos usually involves various rewards and perks designed for real money players. Since slots are among the most popular casino games, the lion’s share of casino bonuses is also associated with them. Furthermore, there are plenty of slot machine strategies mandating the use of casino bonuses to win more cash.

How to Beat Slot Machines – Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses, also known as sign-up bonuses, were designed to encourage gamblers to play at Canadian-friendly online casinos. Here are a few types of welcome bonuses that can be a great deal:

  • The no deposit sign-up bonus is provided in the form of cash or free spins. High wagering requirements are the main disadvantage of this offer.
  • Deposit match bonus provided on the first or multiple deposits. Presented as a percentage of the amount deposited by the player, they are provided in a bonus cache credited to an additional account.
  • Bonus cash and free spins. Being the most thrilling type of bonus, it combines cash and free spins on popular casino slots.

According to most slots tips, the welcome bonus is a great deal if you want to play with minimal cash outlay.

The Best Online Slot Strategy – Using Free Spins

Free Spin is one spin of a reel where you do not have to pay. Unlike free spins activated by a combination of 3-5 Scatters at some slots, a free spins casino bonus is a reward for certain player actions – for registration, for a deposit, etc. Typically associated with a specific slot, free spins allow you to play multiple rounds of games risk-free. Check out our online slots tips and play multiple games with your free spins bonus.

Tips on Slots – Play to Get Cashback

To increase the level of loyalty of their current players, online casinos offer various types of incentives, where cashback is probably the best option. Offered against certain amounts wagered at the casino and losses incurred by the player, cashback is credited as real cash and usually, but not necessarily, has no wagering requirements. Playing slots at an online casino and receiving cashback can be your best online slot strategy.

Top 5 Tips on Slots

Do not choose complicated games with a complex payout structure, as your chances of winning will be lower. Instead, play simple slot machines to have the best odds.

Along with information on better understanding the mechanics of slots and what are the benefits of using casino bonuses, we want to give you some extra slots tips that will take your game to a whole new level:

tips on slots

  1. Test the games you choose. Probably one of the best slots tips is that you should play a free demo version of the game before you bet for real money. Almost every Canadian online casino lets you play their slots for free even before you create an account.
  2. Decide on your playing style. Whether you prefer to play quietly with small bets or at a fast pace betting big, make sure the option you choose allows you to enjoy the gameplay first.
  3. Use betting slot machine strategies but be careful. With Martingale or Fibonacci systems, you get a chance to win big. However, given the structure of these strategies, you also risk losing.
  4. Plan your gambling budget. According to best slots tips, smart bankroll management is what you need to bet on. First, limit your bankroll. Second, know when to quit.
  5. Do not choose complicated games with a complex payout structure, as your chances of winning will be lower. Instead, play simple slot machines to have the best odds with each spin of the reels.

Before you start playing for real money, check out the information about the slot – RTP, volatility levels, hit rates – as well as view the payout table. Although the above tips on slots may seem trivial, many players neglect them, resulting in large losses.

Slots with the Best Odds

When we talk about the slots with the best odds, we mean the titles with the highest RTP. Playing for fun is fine, but it’s more fun when you have high winning odds. Above, we’ve already cited a few slots with extremely high RTP, and here are a few more: Devil’s Delight, Simsalabim, Retro Reels Extreme Heat, Jackpot 6000 and Kings of Chicago.

How to Win at Penny Slots

As the story goes, penny slots get their name because of the low value of the coins they accept. So, when playing penny slots, you can bet from 1 penny per game round. Keeping this in mind, penny slots are a great choice for aspiring players looking to minimize risk. So, here are some tips on how to win at slots accepting bets starting at one penny:

  • Make sure that you play a real penny slot, as this name can be used for a regular slot as a marketing ploy.
  • Gradually increase the size of the bet, as the higher the stake, the greater your winnings.
  • Bust the myths concerning certain rituals associated with playing penny slots since you are still dealing with the RNG-based game of chance.

Another thing – probably the best of slot machine tips – is that you need to know the payout percentages at online casinos. Why play at a casino that pays less than its competitors? Check the payout percentages of several online casinos to choose the best option for playing slots.


How do you pick a winning slot machine?

Choosing a winning slot, you should read slot reviews, paying attention to several key aspects - RTP, volatility levels, payout multipliers on the key combinations.

Is it better to bet max on slot machines?

Considering the rule that the higher your bet, the higher the potential payout, placing maximum bets can be a good deal. However, it can lead to major losses.

Are dollar slots better than penny slots?

While dollar slots can lead to larger payouts, their penny counterparts give you the ability to spend your bankroll more sparingly, so they are the perfect options for casual players.

What are the best slot machines to win on?

The slots with the highest RTP are the best ones to win playing them. However, no slot machine is better than the one that gives you the best gambling experience, so the final choice is yours.

Which slots pay the most?

Slots connected to the progressive jackpot system are capable of the largest payouts. Accumulating prize money with every bet made by any player, they play six- and even seven-figure jackpots.