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Canada Online Poker Sites for 2022

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-04-23 | Last updated on: 2022-01-24

When it comes to poker games, specifically the online version of poker, we can confidently say Canada enjoys some deep history. From live games and online poker tournaments to a significant number of online players, for long, Canada appears to be a welcome haven for some poker action.

Canadian laws don’t explicitly allow or disallow matters concerning online gambling, meaning that most of them consider it a gray market. When it comes to online poker in Canada, the reality on the ground is that citizens from Canada have access to all major international sites.

Best Canadian Casinos to Play Online Poker

  • 1
    CasiQo Casino
    CasiQo Casino

    Welcome bonus

    No bonuses

    No bonuses


    A lot of Games

    • Fast sign up
    • Speedy payouts
    • 10% weekly cashback
  • 2
    YOJU Casino
    YOJU Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 3000 CAD + 100 FS

    3000 CAD + 100 FS


    A lot of Games

    • Multiple payment options
    • A modern, fast platform (SoftSwiss)
    • A massive selection of games
  • 3
    Lucky Nugget
    Lucky Nugget

    Welcome Bonus

    150% bonus up to 200 CAD

    200 CAD


    Slots Casino

    • 24/7 support
    • 128-bit SSL encryprion
    • eCOGRA-approved
  • 4

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 571.5 CAD + 155 FS

    571.5 CAD


    Best New Casino

    • Mobile Compatibility
    • Cryptocurrencies support
    • Exclusive bonuses for high rollers
  • 5
    21 Casino
    21 Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    100% bonus up to 1000 CAD

    1000 CAD


    A lot of Games

    • Compatible with both desktop and
    • Features a staggering number of
    • Features a real live dealer
  • 6
    ComeOn Casino
    ComeOn Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 1500 CAD + 300 FS!

    1500 CAD + 300 FS


    Bitcoin casino

    • Social slot gaming
    • Exciting loyalty program
    • Diverse welcome bonuses
  • 7
    Evospin Casino
    Evospin Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 2000 CAD + 100 FS!

    2000 CAD + 100 FS


    A lot of Games

    • Numerous payment options are accepted
    • Simple design
    • Customer service is provided via
  • 8
    Casino Room
    Casino Room

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 1500 CAD!

    1500 CAD


    Best Casino

    • 1000+ thrilling games
    • 500 welcome bonus CAD +
    • Variety of Reel rewards
  • 9
    N1 Casino
    N1 Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 600 CAD

    600 CAD


    Best New Casino

    • Well Designed
    • Many Top Developers
    • Great Live Casino
  • 10
    Ruby Fortune
    Ruby Fortune

    Welcome Bonus

    A 100% bonus up to 750 CAD

    750 CAD


    Best Casino

    • 500+ trendy games collection
    • Online Jackpot of $100,000
    • 24/7 courteous customer support

Over the last few years, online poker for real money has managed to thrive. It comes as no surprise at all to see a majority of players in the neighboring United States moving to Canada to pursue poker careers after Black Friday in the year 2011. Canada is one of those countries that offer one of the best poker-playing environments, a move that has allowed sites such as PokerStars, GGPoker, partypoker and others to thrive in the country.

The never-ending battles taking place every day at some of the best real money poker sites happen to be the best ways to discover how exciting playing poker online can be. You don’t have to spend a lot or face off against some of the most coveted players in the globe to have some fun when in Canada. Now, you can find several real money poker sites online that offer great online poker games, along with a professional environment, even when playing with pennies.

Are you a Canadian player who fancies playing poker over the internet or online? How do you go about doing this? If you aren’t sure, then you are in the right place. You may want to use this page if:

  • You are looking to play online poker for real money in Canada
  • You want to know the types of poker that are available
  • The tips and any other online poker strategy to follow to ensure that you have a long winning streak when playing poker online

Go through this review to find out informative details that you may want to know, especially when playing poker online using your hard-earned funds. Let’s dive in straight away.

online poker

How to Play Online Poker Games for Real Money

The initial step to understanding how to play poker for real money is, of course, signing up to a poker casino site of your choice and going ahead to fund your account. The moment you are done, then you are ready to begin enjoying a poker game of your choice. Of importance to note is that several variations of poker games exist. However, we will that we will discuss that later on. Now what follows is choosing the type of online poker game that you want to play.

The moment you successfully log into the poker room software, the casino of your choice will present you with some lobby interface that will grant you access to the available online poker games available on the site and other online poker tournaments. Do you fancy Texas Hold ’em online poker game? Here’s how to go about playing this popular casino poker game, especially for real money.

The online casino will offer you two cards face down, also known as “hole cards”, and five cards (also known as community cards) that face up. You will now have the option of betting, calling, raising, or folding when it’s your turn to act. You can win a hand by using any combination of your two-hole cards and five community cards on the board so that you form the best five-card hand. The moment you receive your cards, a round of “preflop” betting occurs, and each round after that comes with a different name.

The action begins with the player to the left of the dealer, and when you can bet depends on your location, with better positions being those further along the queue. On the first round of play, it means that the first two players have already paid their blinds, leaving the next player to their left with the first decision. This player can choose to fold (give up and have no chance of winning), call (call the current bet by wagering whatever amount is necessary so that it matches the current bet) or raise (raise the current bet to a higher amount).

If a player folds, then it’s your turn to act. If you happen to hold the best five-card hand, then you’ll win the game, as this action completes the hand. You may choose to continue with your online poker or log out and try some other time. On the safe side, we always advise players to walk away when they hit significant winnings or realize a losing streak. There’s always another day.

Best Poker Games at the Canadian Online Casinos

  • American poker v
    American poker v
  • Turbo poker
    Turbo poker
  • Joker poker by Wazdan
    Joker poker by Wazdan
  • American poker gold
    American poker gold
  • Magic poker
    Magic poker
  • Jacks or better by Pragmatic
    Jacks or better by Pragmatic
  • Jacks or better multihand
    Jacks or better multihand
  • Tens or better by Playtech
    Tens or better by Playtech

Types of Online Poker Games

There are several versions and variants of poker games, all created to entice new players and boost players’ entertainment elements. Some of them are very popular and enjoyed globally, while others tend to be less common. Additionally, such games are also available in several formats, with the biggest distinction being online poker tournaments and cash games.

The following are some popular Canada online poker games that you can also find in other jurisdictions:

Texas Hold ’em

This is one of the most popular variations of poker. You can commonly spot a game in TV series and movies, and it is packed with strategy and action. Regardless of your knowledge or skill level, Texas Hold ’em is a poker game that fits your skill perfectly.

Pot Limit Omaha

Gaining increasing popularity in the last few years, this game is similar to Texas Hold ’em, both in betting options and rules. The only difference is that it begins with a four-hole card as opposed to two.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Do you know why Caribbean Stud Poker stands out? It’s because you get to play directly against the dealer instead of other players, adding a touch of thrill and excitement to the game. Here, the dealer must show one of the cards he is holding until the game ends. It’s also one of those online poker games gaining popularity in Canada lately.

Video Poker

This is one of the simplest forms of online poker games. It’s available in a standard version and other variations that offer players features such as deuces and jokers wild.

Casino Hold ’em

Just like Caribbean Stud Poker, this game sees a player sitting across the dealer to come up with the best five-card hand. The big difference here is that the player and the dealer get two cards each. If you are lucky and your hand beats the dealer’s hand, you get to win.

Pai Gow Poker

The main goal of this one is to beat the banker. In this case, the banker is the casino itself or the player that you are facing off within the match. You’ll also find the joker in the mix for some added entertainment. To win a game of Pai Gow Poker, your hand must beat the banker’s hand.


Razz poker is one of those “low” games, meaning that the lowest or the worst hand possible gets to win the pot. Since Razz Poker is almost the same as Stud Poker in almost every other way, we will not rehash the setup of its rules here.

online poker win strategy

Online Poker Strategy: Tips to Win

With online poker seemingly making its return in a big way, especially in Canada, we are here to offer helpful tips on how to go about maximizing your winnings. Of importance to note is that you will not win every time. However, we guarantee you that you won’t encounter long losing streaks.

Here are a few helpful online poker tips to help you win a game of poker:

Keep records

You need to keep a meticulous record as such is very important, especially to any consistent long-term poker winner playing online. Are you winning regularly when playing Texas Hold ’em or when playing Razz? Understanding your game’s weaknesses and strengths is essential for long-term winning.

Study more often

Whether you are studying your results or some specific poker strategy, you’ll always want to make sure that you’re learning something about poker away from the table. This could involve looking at histories with trusted peers or alone. There are plenty of resources out there, and to be a winner, you may want to take advantage of all of them. You may want to read books, sign up for online training sites, or even watch YouTube reviews to learn more.

Play within your bankroll

Playing poker can be addictive. You may end up using or spending too much of your hard-earned funds than the ones you had planned to spend. Make sure that you play with money that you can afford to lose. Set aside some funds for online poker gambling. Don’t use funds meant for your personal use to gamble, and always ensure that you play within your bankroll.

Be attentive

While this may sound simple, failing to pay full attention is one of the biggest mistakes that players playing poker games online make. Poker players come in as one of the most easily distracted people around. Do not engage yourself in poker games simply because you have nothing to do. Play poker because you intend to beat your competitor.

Play for free

There’s no harm in playing poker games at online casinos for free. This way, you’ll be able to learn the ropes of playing such games so that when you do it for real money, you don’t end up encountering a long losing streak.


Is 3-card poker a good game?

It's as good as any other table game that you can find out there, and in terms of odds, it's mostly better than most of them.

Are Canadian online poker sites safe?

Most of them are safe. However, to be on the safe side, you may want to play at local casinos instead of offshore sites, some of which aren't licensed.

Are there any online poker bonus offers that I need to be aware of in Canada?

Absolutely! Some of the most common ones you'll undoubtedly find at almost all Canadian casinos include the Welcome Bonus and the Reload Bonus.

What are some of the best online poker apps in Canada?

There are plenty of them. However, some of the industry's best include PokerStars Poker App, 888Poker App, GGPoker App, and Partypoker App.