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Ultimate Strategy Guide on How to Win at Online Roulette in Canada

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-04-22 | Last updated on: 2022-01-24

Over the years, players have begun to develop new and improved strategies to help experienced players increase their chance of winning and teach newer players how to win at online roulette.

Best Canadian Casinos to Play Roulette Online

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Roulette is a trendy tabletop gambling game that involves placing wagers on what number and colour the ball will land on. More specifically, players can wager on a single number, a group of numbers, odd or even high or low numbers, and whether the number will be red or black.

If you’re new to Roulette, the game starts with all players placing their wagers on the betting table. Once all bets have been placed, the croupier will spin the wheel and toss in a ping-pong-sized ball.

The wheel will naturally slow and stop, causing the ball to fall on one of the wheel’s various numbers. This same strategy is used in online casinos, except instead of there being a croupier – a random number generator is used.

Despite the probability and chance that goes into roulette, many players over the years have come up with various strategies to improve your chance at winning at online roulette.

how to play online roulette

Top Tips and Strategies for Playing Online Roulette

While rules and gameplay tend to vary between online, in-house and live dealer games and many popular Roulette variations.

Many of the strategies within this list will be applicable regardless of the variation you decide to play. However, make sure you read up on the rules and requirements you need to collect any of your winnings.

Take Advantage of Offers and Bonuses

More prominently available while playing online, certain casinos and sites will provide users with the chance to collect and use various bonuses and offers. Said bonuses can vary from person to person and can be quite random depending on where and how you decide to play.

For example, if you are a new player, you may be offered some free spins or even progressive jackpots. Alternatively, players can receive similar offers simply for depositing to their online account or even if it’s their birthday!

While these benefits may seem relatively minuscule and insignificant – when it comes to trying to win at online roulette – a little can go a long way. Even if the bonus being offered is only a free spin or access to a progressive jackpot, it’s certainly an offer you should take up! You never know, that free spin can lead you to a winning streak!


You may have heard this a hundred times before. However, it still holds true. Whether you’re playing online against other players or a live-dealer, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the game can help out quite a bit.

There are hundreds of free browser games and apps available to download that allow you to play Roulette without the risk. You can play these games alone, with friends, or even with strangers online – much like actual online casino games.

While these games may allow users to pay for more in-game currency, other than that, these are risk-free games. You may lose your in-game currency, but these often replenish over time and do not reflect real like currency. Additionally, these games often help breakdown the rules and available bets for new users while adding an interactive element.

Best Roulette Games at the Canadian Online Casinos

  • Video roulette
    Video roulette
  • Superman roulette
    Superman roulette
  • Sapphire roulette
    Sapphire roulette
  • Roulette with track
    Roulette with track
  • Roulette vip
    Roulette vip
  • Roulette silver
    Roulette silver
  • Roulette master
    Roulette master
  • Roulette by Pragmatic
    Roulette by Pragmatic

How to Win Online Roulette – Pick the Right Wheel

Roulette comes in many forms and variations across the world. These were initially created to add some excitement or alternative options for the game. However, many players are adamant that to increase your chances of winning – you need to choose some particular adaptations.

First off, players will argue that American Roulette should be avoided at all cost and should be ditched for European Roulette. This is because American Roulette features an extra slot – this slot being a double zero. In addition, this additional slot bumps your chances of winning up to a one in thirty-eight.

On top of this, players should also note the maximum and minimum limits on the game they’re trying to play. Make sure you choose the games that suit your bankrolls, and if you are a new player, it’s encouraged that you focus on paying out with the minimum bets available. Once you have gained more confidence, you can increase your wagers.

For example, if you are looking to play a game of European Roulette with a minimum bet of $6 and a maximum bet of $15, it would be best as a new player to place $6 bets until you’re more comfortable with the game.

The Martingale Strategy

One of the most popular strategies used in Roulette is that of the Martingale Strategy. Most players will argue that this is the most effective way to win online roulette.

Thankfully, this method is rather straightforward! Each time you place a bet, and you lose, you double the bet. When implementing this strategy, you should start with the minimum bet available, as suggested above.

For example, if the minimum bet on the game is $4, then the first bet you make should be $4. If you lose, you increase your bet to $8, then from there to $12, and so on until you win.

The Grand Martingale Strategy

Similar to the standard Martingale, the idea is that you have to win at online roulette eventually – especially after a losing streak. You start off with the minimum betting amount, and every time you lose, you double your wagering amount and add an amount equal to your initial bet.

online roulette strategy

For example, if the minimum bet on the game is $2, your first bet you make at the beginning of the game should be $2. If you proceed to lose, then you double your wagering amount for a total of $4 and add your initial bet of $2 for a total betting amount of $6 for the next round. If you continue to lose, then your next wager will increase to $10.

The Run and Gun Martingale

This variation of the Martingale is quite more complex than the previous. Once again, you will start with the minimum bet available and double it if you lose that round. If you lose once more, you sit out and don’t make any bets for two rounds. On the next round, you triple your initial betting amount. However, if you lose once again, then you start back at your initial wager.

Let’s say the minimum betting amount is $10. For those trying to win a game of online roulette, their best bet would be to double their wager to $20 on the following round. After sitting out for two rounds, you will wager $40. If you lose again, then you go back to the initial $10 bet.

The James Bond Strategy

This method is another viral strategy, especially among newcomers. The James Bond strategy consists of placing specific wagers on certain bets. These wagers are as followed:

  • $15 on Zero
  • $200 on 19-36
  • $75 on 13-18

The Paroli Strategy

Once again, this method is rather popular among new players. Unlike the Martingale, this variation entails the idea that wins will precede wins. Also known as a winning streak. This entails that instead of the Martingale strategy where you increase your wager after a loss, in this case, you increase it once you win.

Like before, you make the minimum bet – such as $10 in this example – and if you win, you double it to $20. With another win, the wager increases to $30. If you come across a loss, then you go back to wagering the $10.


What Are the Most Common Numbers in Roulette?

17, the number in the center of the betting table is famous for delivering some staggering wins. After 17, number 7 is the next fan-favourite of gamblers. People also like to bet on 3, as all good things come in threes.

Is Roulette All Luck?

Though many players believe that consistently winning at roulette is a combination of luck and skill, roulette is a random numbers game. When choosing numbers, there are no right or wrong moves. So like the lottery, most of the worldwide popular casino games are based on luck.

What Is the Safest Bet in Roulette?

Many gamblers suggest the red/black, evens/odds, or 1-18/19-36 bets be the safest. These are the only games on the casino floor that offers players the chance of about 50/50 odds on a single bet even though the payout is small.

Is There a Pattern in Roulette?

Yes, there are patterns within the random numbers from live dealer roulette. But these patterns are primarily unknown to beginners but common knowledge to professional players. However, most roulette machines are expensive, and there's no way to predict a future result by looking at previous spins.

How Many Numbers Should You Bet on Roulette?

Betting more numbers increases a player's odds of winning, but with small payouts. But covering fewer numbers will translate into fewer wins and higher payouts. Most players bet between 3 to 5 numbers on each spin.