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13 Casino with MasterCard
Last updated: 2023-03-14


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Top Mastercard Casinos in Canada 2021

Mastercard is a simple payment network processor known for its partnership with financial institutions across the globe. They do not issue their credit or debit cards. Instead, partnered banks will often issue cards automatically connected to this online transfer processor – visualized by the logo usually found at the bottom of said debit or credit card.

This partnership with over twenty-million companies across nearly two-hundred countries is also widely accepted among online Casinos. Whether you have debit, credit or a prepaid gift card – there are options to pay out to your account! However, credit is the most widely accepted.

Best MasterCard Casinos

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How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

If you have yet to make an account with one of the many modern online casinos available today, this will be your first step to take before you can make any transactions. Ensure the casino you’re dealing with accepts these types of transactions and ensures your account is verified. Once this is done, you can head to the ‘Cashier’ or ‘Checkout’ page on the website and select ‘Mastercard’ as your preferred payment method.

Moving forward, you will be prompted to ask specific questions regarding the card you will be paying with. This includes the card number, the cardholder’s name, expiry date and CVV/Safety code. Then, select the amount you would like to deposit and wait until you reach the confirmation page to ensure your payment was processed successfully. Luckily, withdrawing funds works relatively the same way!

Some limits may be set regarding how much you can withdraw at any given time, so be mindful moving forward! If you haven’t already, you will need to input your credit card details and the amount you would like to withdraw.

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Casino Bonuses

When signing up, depositing or withdrawing funds with this particular payment processor, you have the chance of earning various bonuses based on the casino you sign up to. These include but are not limited to deposit bonuses, free spins and progressive jackpots.

Worldwide Acceptance

As mentioned before, Mastercard is partnered with tons of banks across the globe. Meaning that wherever you are or wherever you’re looking to get your gambling on, chances are this method will be available!

Top Quality Security

While credit card theft and credit card fraud is a massive issue in making electronic transactions, users can gain peace of mind thanks to the fact that this online payment processor contains top-quality security measures to ensure their user’s safety.

Top Withdraws

When it comes to withdrawing funds, not only is the process quick and straightforward to use – but they have one of the highest withdrawal limits to date — allowing you to withdraw large sums of money without any issues efficiently.

WIthdraw Limitations

While you may be able to make large withdraw with little to no issues, you do have to wait roughly seventy-two hours before the funds will appear in your account.


Unfortunately, additional bank fees can get as high as 15% of the amount your depositing or withdrawing when it comes to making transactions.



As mentioned previously, this form of electronic payment is available to use in multiple countries – and this includes Canada! Almost every Canadian with a debit or credit card will find the company’s logo near the bottom of their menu and be able to use this payment processor.

MasterCard Casinos Payment Pros and Cons

  • Speed Of Service
  • Security
  • World-known
  • Limited Withdrawing
  • Self Discipline
  • Higher Fees


Is It Better to Use Debit or Credit?

Many will argue that Credit is the best option. There are more security features, but most Casinos that offer bonuses for this payment method will only be applicable for credit. However, a big issue with this is the threat that you are spending the banks’ money and will have to pay it back sooner rather than later, so it’s highly recommended you do your best to prevent a losing streak!

Can’t I Make a Mastercard Payment Under Debit and Credit?

Technically, yes. While they are fundamentally credit and debit cards, it’s usually recommended you look for the Mastercard option to use first and foremost. This is because this company will refuse to partner with poorly managed casinos, so any place that offers their services is more than likely a safe choice!

Are There Any Limits to Depositing Funds?

Yes! While withdrawal limits are often very high, depositing limits vary depending on your bank. If you want to increase your limit, contact your bank or visit your online banking website!

Do I Need an Online Account Anywhere to Get Started?

Other than an account with your desired casino - no. There is no need to apply anywhere else online to start depositing and withdrawing funds. There are no third-party payment processors you need to use, as your bank will handle all the payments.