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Blacklisted Casinos – Steer Clear Of Dishonest Online Gambling Sites

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-06-14 | Last updated on: 2021-12-15

blacklisted casinos

It’s our greatest desire for every casino to be favourable to players. However, some sites demonstrate an astounding lack of competence or even employ fraudulent practices.

Known as “rogue,” such casinos end up on our Black List. Avoid them at all costs! Nothing good will come out of trying slot machines, table games, or poker at blacklisted casinos.

Come across a site that ruined your gambling night? Feel free to report it to us! Together we can make all online gambling fair and fun!

What Are The Main Reasons We Blacklist Casinos?

Looking through our blacklisted casinos online gamblers should know these sites are there for a good reason. A careful and thorough review precedes our blacklisting decision. During the review stage, we look for unacceptable flaws in the casino’s operation according to a range of criteria.

❗ Security And Trust

Both sensitive information and large transactions go through gambling sites. Ideally, online gambling venues should ensure the same level of security as any regulated financial institution. A lack of up-to-date security and encryption is common among our blacklisted gambling sites.

But that’s not the only fault of blacklisted casinos: a lack of regular security updates is another shortcoming of non-recommended casinos. Cyber threats never stop evolving; gambling sites must keep pace with the latest security trends.

❗ Banking And Money

Scrutinizing the banking aspect is an essential constituent of our evaluation of a casino. We give a try to all the withdrawal options the casino can offer, taking notes of how easy, fast, and secure they are.

Blacklisted casinos may overcomplicate the withdrawal process, delay or fail to deliver the payment – any of these faults puts the site on our casino blacklist. Moreover, if the casino is worth your time, it will support all the popular payment methods – not just a handful of them.

❗ Games And Software

Every potential online player wants to know if the casino games pay fairly and within the industry standards. A recommended casino will make the RTP, house edge, payouts, and other game parameters publicly available. Moreover, the operator will regularly invite third-party auditors to test the legitimacy and fairness of the games.

Another reason for a casino to end up among our blacklisted gambling sites is the unsatisfactory user experience. Clunky, twitchy, prone-to-freezes games are a solid reason to give up on an online casino.

❗ Customer Care

You never know when you may need customer support. The casino must ensure you receive the help you need as soon as possible. Even if your question is minor, no one wants to wait forever and a half to get the answer! Blacklisted casinos’ customer care fails to respond to submitted tickets within a reasonable time, which secures them a place on our casino blacklist.

❗ Bonuses And Promotions

When a bonus appears too good to be real at first glance, give it a closer look. We investigate all the fine print conditions and find out if any hidden nuances undermine the initial attractiveness of the bonus.

Promos at dishonest casinos often contain false advertising or unfair underlying conditions – in this case, we add them to our blacklisted casinos. The same goes for gambling sites that deliberately overcomplicate the T&C attached to the bonus, making the rules unclear and ambiguous.

Gray List

Not every casino that falls under our radar deserves a place on the blacklist. If its faults are minor, such a site may deserve a warning and placement on our Gray List.

This list consists of online gambling establishments that are actively working on fixing their shortcomings. If a site ends up on our Gray List, it has promised to eliminate specific flaws as soon as possible. Until then, the casino remains under our monitoring. Should we spot repeated offences, those casino websites will be added to our blacklisted casinos.

Playing at a casino from our Gray List, you take a bit of risk. If the casino is determined to get its act together, you will likely have a decent experience. One way or another, even if these non-blacklisted casinos are hardly the industry’s golden standard, they do not currently belong among outright fraudulent rogue casinos.

Removing Casinos From The Blacklist

Casinos can change and improve their game, and we do recognize that. A once-rogue virtual establishment may be acquired by a company with a good reputation, or its current owners may review their policies. Whatever the cause, non-recommended casinos may start to provide an adequate quality of gambling services – then we will be happy to remove them from our blacklisted casinos.

The reformed casino has to prove itself trustworthy by demonstrating positive tendencies over a long period. Unfortunately, we rarely see a casino fix itself up. Statistically speaking, most blacklisted casinos are truly rogue casinos who will continue leading their dishonest game until they eventually go out of business.

Trusted Online Casinos

Our White List contains every gambling hub that has successfully passed our tests with excellent results. Picking a casino from our recommended list, set your expectations to:

  • Superior safety and cutting-edge security for your sensitive information and money;
  • High-quality slot machines and other casino games with fair payouts – these are typically scarce at blacklisted casinos;
  • Timely withdrawals through many popular payment systems;
  • Promotional offers that are not only lucrative but also fair, with reasonable requirements;
  • Customer support that gives prompt answers to all your questions.

Any casino from our White List is sure to become your favourite online gambling destination!

Why Trust Us

We expect a high standard of quality from the online casinos we review. We have stayed on the watch for years, making sure our readers are well-informed to avoid all sorts of untrustworthy, unfair, and questionable sites. Our team of experts has developed a multi-stage review process designed to explore every aspect of a casino’s operation.

The reviews by our experts are honest, conducted independently from operators. Taking into account our blacklisted casinos, you can steer clear of shady casino websites and dishonest casinos. You’ll always get the most out of the bonuses you claim, enjoy high-quality games, and receive your winnings as soon as technically possible.

Report A Casino To Us

report a casino

We constantly put online casinos to the test, investigating their weaknesses and advantages. However, we can’t possibly keep an eye on every casino, especially the newly-emerged brands. Your help is invaluable here! If you’ve had a poor experience gambling online, don’t hesitate to report the site to us! Even simply dropping us a short message will suffice.

We’ll focus our attention on that website and do our best to establish if your case was a bitter misunderstanding or part of a big scheme designed to scam players. Should the casino demonstrate fraudulent tendencies or poor service quality during our reviewing, we shall add it to the blacklisted online casinos. This will warn other players against joining this questionable website that employs scammy practices.


What is a blacklisted casino?

Blacklisted online casinos are gambling portals with unacceptable quality or fairness of services, as concluded upon our expert review.

Can an online casino refuse to payout?

A casino may refuse payouts only for a valid reason: you submitted false information, cheated, or failed to adhere to the T&C.

Can I take an online casino to court?

Dealing with a licensed casino, you can submit a complaint to the license-issuing regulator or file a lawsuit within their jurisdiction.

What if I have signed up with a blacklisted casino?

Blacklisted casinos usually aren't regulated (licensed). Overwhelmingly negative user feedback and an unprofessional-looking website are also telltale signs