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Meet, an online casino review site aiming no less than become the best one. We are here to provide our readers with original content and tons of advice. Behind the scenes, there is a group of researchers, and avid players lead by Daniel King, our writer and gambling journalist who communicates our experience to the readers.

Daniel King: a profile

Hi, I’m Daniel King, the author of “” I welcome every reader and future loyal follower of this gambling oasis.

Who am I

I’m an author of numerous gambling publications, obsessed with all the literature on this very subject. Based in Toronto, Canada, I’m a regular at various online and offline casinos to watch and interview the best players.

What my background is

My gambling love story began right after graduation. I studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto (by the way, I enjoy calling myself a writer). I wrote short fiction stories for the local newspaper and an internet blog (which no longer exist). I have always been good at analyzing people’s behaviour, so my characters appeared to be more than realistic. This skill helped me when I decided to write about online casino games strategies based on the actions and behaviour of legendary gamblers.

Going back to my story, I graduated and decided to celebrate it with a little trip to Vegas. We all know Vegas means casinos. TBH, that casino experience was a huge failure.

Why casinos and gambling

Gambling is not just about money. It’s about the experience and correct mindset; the way you think, the way you act, the way you behave. I asked myself: how do I find a way to discover all the secrets? The answer was “read and learn.” I started consuming all the literature available: books, guides, interviews, reviews. The subject was captivating, the amount of information – enormous. Then, as a local newspaper journalist, I started a column devoted to gambling, interviewing our local players.

From then on, as a player, I’m usually behind the scenes; as an expert, I’m here for you.

What is my goal

On “,” I’m giving unbiased casino, and game reviews backed up with months of research and testing. I provide all the gambling essentials and help to catalogue top online venues and the finest entertainments.

I consider gambling to be more than entertainment. It’s science and a very engrossing one. Implementing all the tips I’ll hand over to casino players, they’ll have a significant advantage over those who wonder over the casino sites trying to work things out.

My prime goal is to give all the necessary tools to identify a decent casino. It’s certain casino’s merit speaks for it, not the advertising.

Let’s get it started

If you are ready to fall in love from the first slot, “” is the right spot.

It seems like gambling has just popped up a question to you…say “yes” cause you are the perfect match!

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