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Online bingo – score your winning number pattern

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-05-31 | Last updated on: 2022-01-24

Bingo is a well-known game of chance around the globe. It originated in Italy in the sixteen century as a lotto game. France picked up this entertainment in the eighteenth century and updated it to something that reminded a current design. The name “bingo” firstly appeared in the 1920s when the game arrived in North America. In a couple of decades, it covered the whole continent and became incredibly popular.

The modern game has a lot of different variants that have unique minor features. However, the main principles of the game are the same regardless of the version or the territory. Canadians do enjoy the bingo game of several versions. They have a lot of bingo halls across the country as well as plenty of online gaming opportunities.

Each Canadian province regulates its local venues and online bingo for real money itself. Depending on the territory, you should be at least 18 or 19 to participate in these activities. Provinces have special gaming commissions or agencies that regulate the work of local bingo hall owners and operators under their Gaming Control Acts and the Criminal Code. All Canadians can legally have access to all bingo games on the Internet – onshore and offshore.

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Rules of the bingo game

Each Canadian province regulates its local venues and online bingo for real money itself. Depending on the territory, you should be at least 18 or 19 to participate in these activities.

Nowadays, you can find plenty of different offline and online bingo real money Canada versions. They all have some unique features that may include:

  • a certain quantity of involved numbers;
  • a specific design of a score card; different grids;
  • various winning patterns on the card;
  • a particular number of rounds in one game;
  • an allowed quantity of cards or strips per player;
  • additional prizes, jackpots, and even extra activities.

rules of bingo games

While variants can differ in the aforenamed features, the basic rules and gameplay are the same:

  1. you buy as many score cards as you want within the game limit;
  2. you mark the numbers announced in the draw on your card;
  3. the draw continues until you or any other gamer fill in the winning pattern of the card;
  4. when it happens, you need to announce the “bingo” and have your card verified;
  5. then the game continues if it has more rounds or finishes;
  6. you can collect your winnings and start all over again buying a new card.

There are certain specifics for enjoying bingo in land-based province venues and on the Internet.

Features of playing bingo in local halls

The main feature of participating in games in bingo halls is a significant human factor. The game happens physically and requires a lot of attention from the gamer and the organizer. The following features can describe such a game:

  • you need to purchase a card with cash from the authorized retailer and receive a paper;
  • you mark your paper card manually with a special dabber;
  • the game engages a real caller who picks random numbered balls and announces the number verbally and loud;
  • when you collected a pattern, you need to shout loud “bingo”; it’s only your responsibility to make sure that the caller hears your announcement.

Playing at bingo venues usually has more limits and conventions. They include fixed prices and schedules, offering just one version, strict procedures, and longer games. However, they also offer an incredible social experience and atmosphere. Most bingo games happen on a charitable basis in Canada, so you can also feel involved in a greater deal.

Features of online bingo with real money

Bingo on the Internet opens many more opportunities for gamers. The next features can explicitly describe this type:

  • you need to pick a well-reputable website with bingo games and create a new account there;
  • you deposit your player’s balance and can collect a welcome bonus in the form of additional cash;
  • you can easily find a game without waiting because a new round begins every few minutes;
  • games differ in versions, designs, bonuses, and prices significantly so that you can pick the most suitable option for you in few minutes;
  • you can check an online bingo statistics chart on the screen to see the history of a particular game;
  • you can switch on the automatic marking of called numbers that appear on the screen created by a random number generator.

Is online bingo illegal in Canada? The answer is no. Online gaming falls under a certain grey area in Canadian legislation. No federal or provincial law prohibits participation in online gambling on offshore websites. Canadians can easily enjoy all types of the game if they pick a reputable and licensed operator. Moreover, some provinces offer their iGaming platforms with bingo games. So, for example, you can spend a wonderful time playing an online bingo Ontario game on PlayOLG or an online bingo Alberta game on PlayAlberta, contributing to your province’s development.

Possible winning patterns in bingo

There are a huge variety of different patterns that online games apply. Some of the patterns are more common and universal, and some patterns can be totally unique in a single version. The list of the popular winning patterns includes:

  1. 1 line – any fully marked straight horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line;
  2. 2 lines – any two fully marked lines; the usual versions are letter T, letter X, and Plus +;
  3. 4 corners – marked corners of a square;
  4. outside square – marked corners and lines that connect them;
  5. inside square – a marked square without side lines;
  6. letter H – two vertical side lines and one horizontal line in the middle;
  7. full house – a totally covered card.

Rarer and more sophisticated patterns can include pictures of animals or special signs. Usually, online bingo multiplayer games use more than one pattern. The game can start with the simplest 1 line and finishes with a full house having several more rounds in between. Such games have several winners and the winner with the more complex winning pattern earns more.

Bingo terms you need to learn

Engaging in online bingo with real money can bear some stress. So the better you know the game, the more confident and comfortable you feel. All bingo variants use the same universal vocabulary that facilitates understanding the game and communicating what happens.

The common online terms include:

  • Bingo – a word used when you win;
  • Board– the display with all announced numbers;
  • Card – a gridded rectangle with numbers to be marked;
  • Daubing – clicking the numbers on your card if they matched the announced ones;
  • Free space – an initially marked centre space on any card;
  • Pattern – the figure of how the marked number should locate to be winning;
  • Round– a part of the game when a player wins;
  • Strip – a column of several cards.

It is easy to remember all the game terms and peculiarities while playing. Moreover, the advantage of participating online is that you can check something unknown immediately on the Internet or ask in the online chat.

Online bingo variants to look for

There are just several common variants that Canadian players can enjoy on online gaming platforms.

  1. Firstly, there is a 90-ball game. It features a card with 27 numbers in 3 columns and 9 rows. Its winning numbers can be from 1 to 90. Its winning patterns include 1 line, 2 lines, and a full house. The game lasts for 3 rounds with 3 prizes.
  2. Secondly, there is a 75-ball game. It features a card with 24 numbers in 5 columns and 5 rows with the free space in the middle. The game draws numbers from 1 to 75. Its patterns can be 1 line, 2 lines, corners, a full house, and others.
  3. Thirdly, there is an 80-ball game. It features a card with 16 numbers in 4 columns and 4 rows. The drawn numbers from 1 to 80 can locate in 1 line, 4 corners, or a full house.
  4. Fourthly, there is a 30-ball game with the fastest gameplay. It features a card with 15 numbers in 3 columns and 3 rows. And the only way you can win is by collecting a full house pattern.

Tips for Canadian bingo gamers

Obviously, online bingo is a game of pure luck. You obtain a random card. The random number generator provides you with the drawn numbers fairly and without any influence. Still, there are certain steps you can make to increase your luck.

✔ Check a website before creating an account

You need to know several facts about your Internet operator. The main concern is its security and fairness, so pick only a properly licensed and regulated site. Some Canadian provinces launched great examples where you can enjoy this game. You can also check for a welcome bonus.

✔ Set a reasonable budget

You must set a reasonable budget before you click on the game. The game develops randomly, so the possibility that you won’t win exists. Make sure you can afford to lose a certain amount of money and do not exceed it.

✔ Use Math

This tip is about a mathematical advantage. Each bingo card bears equal chances of winning. It means that more cards on hand increase your winning potential. They have more chances to contain winning patterns simply because they are more. So you can try to increase your luck this way, but notice that your expenditures will increase as well.


What is the best online bingo?

The best bingo on the Internet is available on the properly licensed platform with a good reputation and a hefty welcome bonus to ease your start.

Can you win money playing bingo online?

Yes, you can win money when you register on a licensed and reputable website and make a deposit to buy bingo cards.

How many players are needed to play a bingo game?

The number of players should be more than one. Each game can state its participant limits. Usually, local games can handle fewer players than online ones.

How does bingo work?

You purchase a card and mark announced numbers on it. Then, as soon as you collect a full line or another winning pattern, you should say “bingo.”

What are 4 corners in Bingo?

4 corners are a winning bingo pattern where you mark 4 numbers – one on each corner of the square.