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2 million bc

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-06-09 | Last updated on: 2022-12-29





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Are you ready to explore and discover the cavemen’s ancient and uncharted world as you spin the reels and gun for big wins? Betsoft’s amazing 2 Million B.C, allows you to overcome temporal restrictions and travel back into the Stone Age. With this setting, it is upon you to navigate the thicket of the jungle to flag and find your treasures. Whenever you spin the wheels, you will be exposed to an interesting and wonderful journey steeped in the design and operation of 2 Million B.C. This slot is a 3-row, 5-reel, and 30 payline with offerings of free spins and a bonus game.

Game Review

The 2 Million B.C. is a 5 reel and 30 payline slot game offered by Betsoft Slot 3 Series. In this game, players have the option of playing up to 5 coils on each line, with the coil denominations ranging between $0.02 and $1. 

In this slot, the player has to match different symbols across active paylines. The left-to-right combination wins the player coins. The symbols in 2 Million B.C. are conceptualized from the cultural constructs of the Stone Age, and they comprise jewels, paintings, cavewomen, sabertooth, clubs, and other items.

Typically, when a player matches two symbols across a payline, they end up with a reward. However, several symbols require you (the player) to three items to win.

In some cases, specific symbols can lead to the unlocking of special features within 2 Million B.C. For instance, three or more fire symbols in a payline can earn you free spins. On the other hand, three acorns can help unlock the Saber attack bonus. 

Theme & Graphics

Set in the jungle, 2 Million B.C. provides an intricate introduction to the slot, which is helpful to players to understand its theme.

The characters are cartoony with incorporated animations offering you the excitement and immersive conceptualization that makes 2 Million B.C. adventurous and exciting. 

The caveman is always at hand, nudging and encouraging you to continue spinning the slot. The caveman breaks into a dance whenever you land a winning combination.

The visuals employed by 2 Million B.C. are superb and the graphics are amazing complete with a soundtrack that complements the theme of the slot. 

2 Million B.C. Gameplay

The game is designed to counter various stone-age-themed slots, and it is the best in this segment so far in the market. In-game, the player interacts with different characters making this slot fun and exciting; some of these characters include a saber tiger, a cavewoman, jewels, clubs, and cave paintings.

These characters are the high and low-paying symbols in the 2 Million B.C. slot. The highest amount one can win from the symbols is 2500 coins, which is earned when a player matches 5 of the cavewoman symbols. The lowest amount that can be won is 10 coins, which is achieved when the player matches 2 of the club icons. 

2 Million B.C. allows the players to set a coin value and the number of coins allowed for every bet line. Subsequently, the player can choose the coil value from the allowed range between 0.02 and 1. 

Players can also choose between 1 and 5 coins for every bet line. This is crucial because it allows them (players) to play the highest number of paylines available without affecting their bankroll. 


2 Million B.C. offers 30 paylines which give players several chances to make winning combinations with each spin. For you to receive a payout, you have to make at least two symbol matches on an active payline to get the payout.

Focus on the cavewoman, she is the best symbol in the 2 Million B.C. slot. Matching 5 of these symbols will result in a reward of 2500 coins.

Bonus Rounds

For Slot game enthusiasts, 2 Million B.C. has a lot to offer with its wilderness backdrop, plenty of stone tablets, and fire to provide a robust adventure during the game. Although in-game animation is limited, unique aspects like onscreen fire and caveman’s interactions with different characters of the game offer an interesting entertainment value and bonus to the players.

The diamond bonus is the best pick of the bonuses in 2 Million B.C. This bonus easily fetches you as many as 200 credits when your in-game play results in more than 3 diamond symbols on the reel.

Additionally, you can also get a play a bonus round on a new screen with the excitement bolstered by the fact that the Caveman tries to steal a diamond from the saber tooth. In this case, the game prompts you to select various scenarios to steal the diamond. The better your caveman does in stealing the diamond, the higher the rewards you get.


Hitting five cavewomen within a single payline hands you the highest payout on the reel. This combination can easily result in you winning 500 credits for every coin you wager. 

Therefore, this combination can earn you as much as $2500 when playing with the maximum bet and employing the highest denomination.

2 Million B.C. also offers several other payouts, including 400 credits when a player matches 5 saber tooth. The slot also offers 300 credits for 5 flying bugs. 

These large slot machine payouts provide any slot enthusiast a massive incentive to come back to the 2 Million B.C. game.

Slot Conclusion

2 Million B.C. is an immersive and exciting game that’s easy to understand and play. Its Stone Age theme and the involvement of caveman add considerable spice to the game, which makes players’ experience brilliant aside from the winnings and generous bonuses accompanying the first-rate theme and graphics. 

The theme of the game is catchy and offers players a chance to immerse themselves in the story even as they seek to make winnings. Therefore, the storyline is an important aspect that adds a layer to 2 Million B.C., which makes it appealing and enjoyable to play.

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Where can I play 2 Million B.C. for free?

A demo free game of the 2 Million B.C. slot is available in any online casino. Visit your favorite online casino and check out the slot.

Can I get a bonus of 2 Million B.C.?

Of course; the diamond bonus can be earned when you match 3 diamond symbols on the reel, which earns you 200 credits.

Can I play 2 Million B.C. on a mobile phone?

Absolutely; the game is designed and optimized for mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, and notebooks.