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Cloud quest

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-03-26 | Last updated on: 2022-12-29





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Cloud Quest Slot Review

Play’n Go (PNG) welcomes you to an experiential and limitless game, Cloud Quest slot. Earn massive value by leveling up on Cloud Quest and realize winnings in a matter of matching identical symbols horizontally or vertically.

The slot encourages combinations and thus combo wins are common. If your gameplay succeeds in all 25 symbols of the game’s grid, the kingdom will honor you with a special jackpot reward f 20,000. 

Join up and enjoy the Cloud Quest slot by wagering between 0.10 and 40.00 in value, the choice belongs to you. Most importantly, ensure you have ample time because the game will entertain you in an absorbing manner. 


Cloud Quest provides a grid of immersive videos in a 5×5 semi-transparent platform, which is situated in a cloud city backdrop. This theme is relatable to ancient mythology and common fantasy, such as the cloud city of Bespin for Star Wars fans.

The connection to popular fantasy and ancient mythology makes the game relatable and resonant to its players; it also ensures that there is something for almost everyone to enjoy while creating value. 

The game’s different rounds have varying backdrops and features; this makes each experience unique and exciting for the player. By removing the monotony from the game and imbuing it with excitement and adventure, the slot optimizes the entertainment value among players.

The animations are plentiful, the graphics are sharp and vibrant, and the audio and sound effects are fantastic to the point of achieving cinematic standards. 

Gameplay and Features

The best experience of the Cloud Quest slot is immersing in it and learning the crucial features. However, it has crucial aspects that make it an immersive and amazing experience. 

The game has no standardized (fixed) lines of symbols; instead, it offers games opportunities to acquire slot grants; this can be achieved when you get three symbols with consistent (matching) identities.

After every round of winnings, the winning symbols are erased from the drop-down Tetris and game grid to allow further symbols in the column to be combined subsequently. This gives Cloud Quest a cascading reels setup feel; in the instances that the symbols drop from the grid, they are not replaced in the game.

In this game, the players are compelled to clear the row and reveal all the obscured bonus letters; this action allows the gamer to access a bonus round. This sequence of steps exposes the mechanical aspect of this slot.

The slot also provides you with a meter, which requires continuous power filling. Your actions in the game, such as the movement or manipulation of the stone symbol, give you the ability to fill the meter gradually on the reels. 

After the base game, you have an opportunity to leverage the new 3×1 immersive video by using the free spins to optimize earnings and slaying mythical monsters to earn progress. 

Each time you slay (overcome) a monster, you bolster your free spin chances (between 5 and 20) and advance a level, and thus earn 3 spins.

Bonus Round and Payouts

Cloud Quest has unique bonus features; some of these include Superpowers and Free spins. 

The main (base) 5×5 grid game is not executed in a similar manner that free spin plays are conducted by players; instead, the spins are played on a simple 1 line of symbols, 3 immersive videos, and a slot machine.

You can defeat and overcome the faced monsters and activate access to and ability to participate in five more game stages that come with generous free spins. 

The higher the stage at which you are playing, the more profitable your winnings will be; however, it is difficult to slay monsters continually, especially given they come rapidly.

An alternative to the free spins a gamer earns playing Cloud Quest is shifting attention to the meter and filling it up with power when you are playing the base game. This means that you will get to have more shots at claiming winnings at the base game.

All ways pays: In this bonus feature, you can get symbols with an inclination of either vertically or diagonally, and this will allow you to realize a win. These symbols will erase, but no more symbols will appear, as expected in cascading slots like Wizard of Gems.

Wild symbol: This is the golden emblem; the wild symbol has the in-game ability to substitute all the other available symbols on the screen. It only appears when you get a win, at which point the symbol at the middle of the grid will turn wild, leading to even more wins.

Super Power Bonuses: The superpower meter is typically located on the left of the slot game. This feature allows the player to level up the power meter every time they win with the yellow (kryptonite). 

Additional Game Features

Cloud Quest comprises several in-game tricks; therefore, it is crucial to learn the game well before beginning the wagering process, especially when you are putting high amounts into it. The game comes with no fixed day lines; instead, the player can win by matching symbols in a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal way.

The winning matching in a line of the symbols allows for the automatic electrocution of these signs (symbols), which allows for the emergence of new symbols, which subsequently form the basis of the emergence and dynamism of the rest of the game’s grid columns, which are subsequently that are drained in a Tetris style. 

When the symbols have been electrocuted, new symbols that are typically underneath the electrocuted ones will pop up in the departed columns. 

Clearing the grids is crucial in revealing the obscured important letter, which is essential in activating the bonus round. The player can also gain more superpowers through exploration and revelation of stone symbols that are obscured in the grid. Such progress will help the gamer to fill the power meter in the base game. The additional features/traits of the Cloud Quest slot are highlighted below.

  • Symbols: These include swords, gift boxes, and telescopes.
  • Symbols: These include swords, gift boxes, and telescopes.
  • Wild: The game provides a wild, which potentially leads to more opportunities for winning. 
  • Scatter: You can land three scatters to allow you to start the earning process for the bonus of free spin.
  • Free Spins: The same approach adopted in the 5×5 main games is not applied when operating the free spin game. This is because the free spins are played in a 1 payline, 3 reels, and slot machine. 


The base game allows for entertainment and is of low variance. The bonus games offer higher variance and attractively high pay-out triumphs. 

The theme provided in the game is robust and they have tried to make the instructions, procedures, standard protocols, and ay-table menu clear and user-friendly for new players. It, therefore, allows for new players to immediately feel welcome and in control of the process of creating value and thoroughly enjoying the gameplay and in-game dynamics.

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Is there a free option to play this slot?

Yes, you can play the slot for free at any online casino. Visit your favorite online casino and check out the slot.

Does the slot offer bonuses to its players?

Sure, Cloud Quest offers several bonuses; you can access them at your preferred casinos.

Can I play on a mobile phone?

Yes, the game is designed and optimized in the cloud to be used by smartphones and tablets.