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Old Skool Studios
7 Casino with Old Skool Studios
Last updated: 2024-06-06


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Old Skool Studios Casinos of 2023: Top Sites to Play Old Skool Studios Slots

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Old Skool Studios is a small independent online casino game developer based in Vancouver, Canada. The company was founded in 2009 by Mike McGraw and has since built a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative slots with engaging gameplay.

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Review of Old Skool Studios Provider


The provider’s games are known for their beautiful visual design, captivating narratives, and high-quality sound design. The manufacturer also places special emphasis on developing devices with strong mathematical mechanics, offering players a high chance of winning.


Some of Old Skool Studios’ most popular slots include Epic City, Jewel Quest Riches, and Steampunk Fortunes. These games have received praise from both gamblers and critics for their high-quality graphics, entertaining gameplay, and generous payouts.


Old Skool Studios is considered an experienced player in the industry and has quickly established itself as a leading online slots developer. The provider’s products are available in many online casinos worldwide, including Zotabet, Betibet, and other well-known establishments.


Strengths of the provider:

  • High-quality graphics and sound design.
  • Captivating narratives.
  • Proven mechanics.
  • Fair winning odds.

Weaknesses of the company’s software:

  • Limited selection of games.

In summary, Old Skool Studios is a reputable slot developer that produces high-quality games with addictive gameplay. If you’re looking for a new slot machine to try, I recommend considering one of Old Skool Studios’ offerings.


Old Skool Studios Demo Slots


Let’s explore the key features of the company’s software:

  • Beautiful Visual Design: The devices are known for their stunning graphics. The company uses high-quality 3D animations and realistic textures to create visually appealing slots.
  • Captivating Narratives: It’s not just about spinning the reels and hoping for a win. The company’s games are designed to tell a story, inviting users to immerse themselves in the narrative.
  • Proven Mechanics: The foundation of the devices is a proven mechanic that provides players with a genuine chance of winning. The company’s products have a high return to player (RTP), meaning players can expect to get back a significant portion of their wagers over time.
  • Generous Payouts: Old Skool Studios’ slot machines are known for their generous payouts. The provider’s slots offer a variety of bonus features that can lead to big wins.


Currently, there are only 7 devices in the manufacturer’s lineup. The company doesn’t rush to release new developments and focuses on delivering the best possible quality. Their motto is “Quality over quantity.”


Honesty and Security


The provider’s activities are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). The UKGC is a governmental body responsible for ensuring the integrity and transparency of gambling in the UK. The company also holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).


The licenses from these gambling regulatory authorities indicate that the company adheres to strict compliance standards and that its slots are fair. If a provider possesses UKGC and MGA licenses, it ensures that you are playing devices from a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer.


In Conclusion


Old Skool Studios has been producing devices since 2009 and has a deep understanding of the iGaming industry. While they may only have 7 slots in their catalog, each one can be considered a masterpiece. Outstanding graphics, unique storylines, solid mathematics, and a range of modern features create an incredible gameplay experience that will appeal to most users. We look forward to the provider’s new developments and are confident they will be equally exciting.

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