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Shuffle Master
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Shuffle Master Casinos of 2023: Top Sites to Play Shuffle Master Slots


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Shuffle Master Provider Review

While most software developers focus on creating slot machines, there are companies entirely dedicated to poker development, and Shuffle Master is one of them. It’s clear that this is a highly profitable market, and creating products for real players fundamentally differs from producing content for online gamblers.

Shuffle Master was founded in 1983, with its main office located in Minneapolis. Interestingly, the company was founded by a former truck driver named John Breeding. He created a card shuffler that could rapidly shuffle decks. John raised almost $30,000 to develop this new device, and by 1992, he had already opened his own gambling establishment. The card shuffler became an indispensable tool for casino staff.

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Having its own casino with a shuffler

In 1995, this device started being used for the game Let It Ride, which used just one deck. This product became one of the most popular at that time. Players could place multiple bets simultaneously and receive substantial payouts by forming strong poker hands.

For many years, the developer made great efforts to diversify its products by creating slot machines. However, this didn’t yield much success as all the slots were sold to other providers like IGT and Bally.

In 1999, Shuffle Master’s “Golden Age” arrived when they acquired the rights to Three Card Poker. At that time, this game was one of the most popular worldwide. The company then introduced games like Blackjack Switch and Casino War, analogs of which can still be found in casinos today.

In 2013, the company was acquired by Bally Technologies for $1.3 billion, and now both brands operate under the supervision of Scientific Games.

Popular Shuffle Master Games

This company has had a significant impact on the development of both online and offline gambling. If you’ve been to land-based casinos, you’ve likely come across products from this provider. Nowadays, the company’s card decks are actively used in games like blackjack, baccarat, poker, and many others.

The developer offers electronic machines with popular variations of baccarat, roulette, and sic bo. They’ve also created various devices for servicing gaming tables, such as an automatic chip counting and sorting device for roulette.

Popular Slots

  • Discard Inferno: In this game, players need to assemble a combination of 5 cards that beats the dealer’s hand. Gamblers initially receive 6 cards and can discard some of them to form a strong combination.
  • Triple Shot Rummy: Players compete against the dealer, aiming to collect the minimum number of points for victory. Aces give 1 point, face cards (jacks, queens, and kings) are worth 10 points, and cards from 2 to 10 carry 2-10 points each. Paired cards bring 0 points.

Influence Over the Years

Online casino players may not even realize the impact that Shuffle Master has had on the development of gambling games worldwide. Imagine that variations of popular games like Three Card Poker and Let It Ride can be found in almost every online casino. Some developers use Shuffle Master’s products as a basis, making slight adjustments to names and rules to avoid copyright issues.


The name Shuffle Master may be unfamiliar to many online players, but this provider is a veteran of the industry, responsible for the creation of numerous wonderful games. The developer’s products are so good that they continue to be used in land-based casinos and serve as the foundation for many contemporary companies’ products designed for online gaming.

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