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The Games Company Casinos of 2023: Top Sites to Play The Games Company Slots


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The Games Company is a young company founded in the United Kingdom in 2012. Although the firm considers London its hometown, its main headquarters are located in Lisbon. The company specializes in the development and design of virtual slot machines for online casinos. The Games Company creates slots for both personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones and tablets. Despite its relatively young age, the company has established strong connections and collaborates with prominent European gambling clubs.

Working Aspects and Key Features of the Company

The Games Company collaborates with reputable European organizations that analyze gambling machines. All of the company’s new slots undergo annual testing and receive special quality marks, indicating that the random number generator in the machines functions properly and produces truly random results.

Key features of the company include:

  • Professional round-the-clock technical and informational support.
  • Work with personalized themes.
  • Creation of adaptive and customizable slots.

Best The Games Company Casinos

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The Game Company Slots: Their Advantages and Distinctive Features

All of the company’s slots feature attractive graphics, high-quality animation, engaging gameplay, and memorable sound. The creators focus on the uniqueness of the story and character development, while also paying attention to the gameplay aspect. Developers equip the slots with captivating bonus games, prize-free spins, and progressive jackpots.

Additionally, the company places great emphasis on well-designed interfaces, offering user-friendly menus and understandable gameplay mechanics in most of its games.

Key features of The Games Company’s slot machines include:

  • Attractive graphics and high-quality animation.
  • Impressive sound effects.
  • Availability of interesting themes.
  • Intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface.

Below, we will describe some of the most popular and high-quality slot machines from The Games Company:

  • Two Tribes: An engaging slot that tells the story of cave people. This slot features forty paylines, wild symbols, scatter slots, additional free spins, and a bonus game. To travel back in time, there’s no need for a time machine – simply start Two Tribes.
  • Witch of the West: This slot revolves around the lives of cute and charming witches. Players spin five reels and win cash prizes alongside these playful sorceresses. Gamblers have classic wild symbols and scatters at their disposal, along with prize spins and a bonus game.
  • Football Crazy: An interesting virtual slot that will appeal to all football fans. The slot consists of five reels and includes classic wild symbols, scatter slots, prize spins, and a bonus game. The game is equipped with attractive graphics, quality animation, and sound.

The mentioned slots represent only a small portion of The Games Company’s offerings. These slots are the most popular and high-quality machines from the company.

Considering the high rate at which online slots are released and the diligence and professionalism of young game developers, it can be assumed that in the near future, all fans of gambling will be able to enjoy new creations from The Games Company, featuring engaging storylines and quality graphics.

Contact Information

The company provides the opportunity for anyone interested to leave feedback or comments about their projects or submit commercial proposals through email on their website at, under the “Contact” tab. Having contact information available demonstrates the company’s open policy and its willingness to collaborate with other producers while seeking feedback from its audience.


The Games Company is a young but promising company whose collaboration with renowned European casinos has positively impacted its reputation and fan base growth. People trust the company and play its slots without hesitation, while casino owners readily purchase the company’s machines and integrate them into their establishments.

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