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Raging rhino

Author: Daniel King | Posted on: 2021-11-10 | Last updated on: 2023-03-14








Min. Bet


Max. Bet


Slot Themes

Animals and Nature

Slot RTP



Free Spins, Scatters.

Raging Rhino Slot Review

The Raging Rhino slot machine is the most captivating Safari-themed video slot that offers a whopping 4096 ways for players to win. Made by WMS, it features some fantastic wildlife animals, including the massive Rhino, which rules the slot.

With a seamless theme, fantastic visuals and, high-end audio quality, Raging Rhino is a full safari package for players to experience real-life with all of Beauty and the beast.

As soon as you progress, the slot rewards you with amazing bonuses, free spins, and exclusive prices with large payouts. Autoplay options, in-game rules, and attractive pay tables make it hard to resist this slot with 6- reels and 4-row video slots.

How To Play Raging Rhino Slot Online?

Everything about this slot machine speaks of perfection. With 4096 pay lines to win, playing the Raging Rhino slot is the easiest thing you can do in a casino.

Bigger than the 5×3 standard size, it is played on a 6×4 layout, enhancing the visuals of the wildlife theme even more. The dashboard is pretty clear and includes all options, including in-game rules, pay tables, bet sizes, etc.

At first, the player sets the bet multiplier anywhere from 1 to 150 and chooses the wager size. The slot offers a maximum wager size of 0.40 while the maximum of $60.00, ideal for both casual players to high rollers of the casino.

Once you’ve chosen the wager size, it leads you to the spinning wheel, where you set the spin to roll either manually or through the autoplay option.

In Raging Rhino, there are a total of six pay lines in which 1000x is the maximum while 2.5x is the minimum. Instead of having traditional pay lines, it offers payouts on all combinations while starting the winnings from left to right.

Compared to other slot machines, it is quite volatile with a 95.9% RTP. If you don’t know what RTP is, it’s the abbreviation of return to player, which means the amount players get back after playing.

Raging Rhino Slot Symbols and Payouts

The symbols you choose in the game can undoubtedly make or break your winning chances in the game. Here’s a quick breakdown of the popular ones from the 13 symbols, worth $1000x.


As a pretty valuable wildlife symbol, diamonds are very commonly found in the large African jungle. You can win a lot of free spins to get you started in the casino.


As per the slot name, the Furious Rhino is another amazing wildlife symbol to find in the wild jungle. As a good rule of thumb, you can also combine six rhinos, having a pay worth of 7.5x with the bet multiplier of $0.40.

Acacia Tree

The acacia tree is another interesting wild symbol, especially in the jungle canopy on 2,3,4, and 5th reels. Not only can you exchange it with another wild symbol but also from your winning combo.

Seregenetti Tree

The Serengeti tree is a better symbol than the Rhino, found near the bright sunset view in the jungle.

Other popular wild symbols include gorillas, cheetahs, alligators, and mongoose, which are the lowest valued symbols, worth nearly 2.5x the stake.

Raging Rhino Slot Payouts

Luckily, Raging Rhino payouts are pretty similar to other slot machines with regular card suits such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, and other low-value icons. So all you need to do is make a winning line of any 3 of their icons and win your bet from the paytable.

Depending on the symbol you choose, payouts may vary accordingly.

To add more, double or triple as 3 or 6 combinations of symbols is more valuable than the single symbols. Except for the Acacia tree, every wild symbol offers payouts. Some of them are listed below.


Symbols 3 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 5 of a Kind 6 of a Kind
Lemur & Crocodile 50.00 37.50 2000 2500
Leopard & Crocodile 62.50 50.00 1200 2000
Rhino 75.00 62.50 800 1200
Diamond 10,000.00 500.00 800 1200
9,10 25.00 18..75 600 1000
J, Q 31.25 20.00 600 1000
K, A 37.50 25.00 400 800

Raging Rhino Slot Bonuses

Top Wins

As the name says, top wins are for players who successfully land on the five diamonds on the reels. This bonus is no doubt the juiciest payout for players, which is 3000 times the total bet. After this, you can also claim 20 free spins or use the money to buy more diamonds for yourself.

Retriggers and Bigger Wins

Not one, two, or three, but Raging Rhino has six stampeding reels, which means more amazing rewards to win and enjoy.

In retriggers, you have to find six diamonds that will land you with the amazing super bonus jackpot of 60,000 times the total stake of the game. It doesn’t end here as you also get 50 free spins to land on more Raging Rhino slot wins and find feet in the casino.


Multipliers are the biggest bonus offered by Raging Rhino slots. The best way to get this bonus is by looking for the Acacia Tree on 2,3,4, and 5th reels. You can also look for other wild symbols, but Acacia is the ideal option to make winning combinations and boost Raging Rhino 2x to 3x times.

Raging Rhino bonuses are mostly in the form of free spins with multiplying wilds. The best practice is to get diamonds, or known as Scatters, which can land you on free spins ranging from 8-50.

The more diamonds you get, the better you will be able to make the winning combination and win the free spins bonus.

Benefits of Playing Raging Rhino

What’s better than an exotic trip on a Safari without leaving the comfort of home. The Raging Rhino Slots machine is an all-rounder with lively wildlife themes, lucrative rewards, and whopping payouts.

  • From the moment you enter the slots to all the time you play, you’re sure to have memorable gaming that you’ve hardly experienced before.
  • With its unique collection of wild animals, the slot machine helps you make winning combinations and get Raging Rhino slot wins.
  • If you land wild symbols, you’ll find the number of free spins keeps increasing, and the bonuses will keep rolling in.
  • To begin with, players are rewarded with 50 free spins for free rounds that land them at the further perks of the slot game.
  • Not only can you play the Raging Rhino slot for real money, but also free without spending a dime from your account.
  • With Raging Rhino, you can win up to a whopping 250,000 coins and a pool of free spins to play well and win the game.
  • If you’re a beginner, you can play the Raging Rhino slot in the practice mode until you learn all the tricks to win. Six spinning wheels are a blessing and a boon for those who also enjoy variety when playing slots.

Tips On Playing The Raging Rhino Slot

With 4096 incredible ways to win the slot, you may hardly need any strategies to bet, enjoy and win the game.

Thanks to All-Way Technology, the slot never lets you down when it comes to playing your favorite slots.

Here are a few ways to find your feet in this captivating, exciting, and profitable Rhino slot.

  1. It is always advised to start betting with a minimum amount of $0.40 and work your way up to the maximum betting amount of $60.00.
  2. To win bigger prizes, always choose wild symbols to swap them with other symbols in the game easily.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to only finding diamonds in the game but also look for other symbols that reward you with free spins.
  4. Instead of spinning manually, it’s best to use the automatic autoplay feature that spins a specific number of times as you set.

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Is there a Free Spins Bonus Round on Raging Rhino?

Yes, Raging Rhino also offers a free spin bonus round for players to earn maximum rewards. The best way to win free spins is by getting the diamond symbol for 3, 4, 5, or 6 reels and land up to 8, 15, 20, and 50 free spins.

What is the Payout Percentage on Raging Rhino?

Raging Rhino offers large payouts to all its players. With an average of 95.91% payout percentage, the slot returns 95.91 from every 100 bet size to every player.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Raging Rhino Slot?

Yes, you can win real money by playing raging rhino slots. To do this, you can choose a casino, find the raging rhino slot section, make the deposit, and play the Raging Rhino slot for real money.

Should I Download the Raging Rhino Slot to Play?

No, the Raging Rhino slot machine is not available in the downloadable app. However, you can always play it online on mobile or your web browser for the best picture quality.

Is Raging Rhino Safe to Play Online?

Yes, Raging Rhino is extremely safe to play and win at any of your favorite online casinos. Since it's developed by WMS, you can expect complete safety and fairness in the game.