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How To Bet On Roulette in Canada


Daniel King / 2021-12-10


Roulette is a fun and often fast passed game of chance that can win you a lot of money, or you can lose a lot depending on if you understand how to bet on Roulette effectively.

While Roulette is heavily based on luck, you can still employ a good roulette strategy and determine the best way to bet on Roulette.

Follow along with this guide to get an overview of how to bet on Roulette and win.

Best Canadian Casinos to Play Online Roulette in 2023

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    CasiQo Casino
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    YOJU Casino
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    Lucky Nugget
    Lucky Nugget

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    Slots Casino

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    Best New Casino

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    21 Casino
    21 Casino

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5 Helpful Tips On How To Bet On Roulette In Canada

To understand how to bet on Roulette and win, you first need to understand the rules, terminology and practice a little before you jump into spending your own money.

Review Roulette Terminology

When you’re in a real casino, you’ll have some pressure and a lot of other people around, and they’ll be using roulette terminology that you need to understand. You won’t have a chance to look up the terms on your phone.

Suppose you misunderstand or even use the wrong terminology yourself. In that case, it could end up costing you big, so reviewing roulette terminology before you get into the casino should be part of your initial roulette strategy that works safely.

Set Your Roulette Budget

The best way to bet on Roulette is first to set a budget so that you’re not overspending and losing big. Then, whatever you set as your budget, don’t go over it even if you lose; just walk away and play another day.

Some people suggest rolling all of their winnings into new bets, but a good strategy that works safely would be to only play with your winnings once you’ve got enough; that way, you can save your initial money for another day.

Play Roulette For Free First

If you’re wondering how to bet on roulette tables, then you probably need to practice first. Play some free games if the casino offers it, practice at home online, or anywhere that provides a chance to play without spending money.

Part of a roulette winning formula is first understanding the game entirely; jumping into high-stakes roulette games without knowing the basics opens you up to some significant losses. You must know how to bet on Roulette before trying to bet too much.

Play European Roulette Tables

If you want to know how to bet on Roulette and win, you need to improve your odds of winning as best as you can. There are three primary forms of roulette tables, French, American, and European.

European roulette tables have slightly better odds for you to win than the French or American versions. If you’re offered a choice in location or type of table, then always go for the European roulette table.

The only caveat to that advice is that if the European table has much higher minimum bets, your risk factor may be too high.

Placing Inside and Outside Bets

Knowing how to bet on a roulette table is crucial; there are different kinds of bets with varying chances of winning and different payouts on those wins.

Inside bets are where you place your chips on a specific number or set of numbers. If you place your bet on 1 number, then your chances are 1/36 of winning; if you place pick more numbers, your chances can go up, but you have to bet more money in the process.

Outside bets are where you’re reducing your risk by lowering the chances of losing; for example, if you bet on black or red, you have a 50/50 of winning, and the same is true if you bet on odds/evens.

For both inside and outside bets, there are more complex formulas and options, but understanding the basics along with your risks will help you know how to bet on a roulette table without looking confused or asking too many questions.

Best Methods On How To Bet On Roulette And Win

You can use many strategies when trying to figure out the best roulette bets, and we’ll cover some of the top ones for you; some of them may be too risky for you, so make sure your budget and risk tolerance are considered before you use any of these.

Roulette bet and win

Martingale Roulette Strategy

Place an outside bet, such as red/black or odds/evens, and then every time you lose, you double your next bet on the same thing.

So you bet $5 on black and lose? You then bet $10 on black the next spin.

Probabilities say you should eventually win and make a small profit, though your budget needs to start out big enough to handle the losses; otherwise, you may be walking away before making your small profit.


The Paroli system takes the opposite approach to Martingale, place an outside bet, and every time you win, you double your bet on the next round; you only do this for three rounds and then return to a new bet.

It does have a chance of winning big, but as you reach your third round, you could lose it all, so it often depends on how much you’re betting and how much you’re willing to lose.


Watch the wheel spin 30-35 times and note down which number(s) get hit the most; you then bet on that number for the next 15-25 spins with the theory that you should win more than you lose.


With d’Alembert, your risk of losing money is lower, but you don’t recover losses with a single bet, so you need to keep playing rather than making a few bets.

You place an outside bet, odds/evens or red/black, or any other option with a 50/50 chance, and then every time you lose, you add one to your initial bet, and every time you win, you remove one from your initial bet.

It’s simply a way to try to even out your losses, so it’s more about gameplay and spending time there, but you may not win big with this strategy.


Betting on Roulette can be a risk but has many rewards and can be an exciting and fun experience in whatever casino you visit. First, however, you should put together an effective strategy for playing Roulette and also understand how much you should spend before you need to walk away.

The biggest mistake people can make is by not understanding the game and just throwing too much money at it, which results in significant losses that they’ll regret later.

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What is the safest bet in Roulette?

The best roulette bets to stay safe are those that offer a 50/50 chance of winning, which can include odds/evens, red/black, or high/low.

What is the best number to bet on in Roulette?

If your roulette strategy involves picking a specific number, you may be out of luck. All numbers have equal opportunities to win. However, many believe that 17 is the luckiest and most hit number.

What is the trick to winning Roulette?

There is no trick to winning Roulette; it’s a game of chance and beating the odds. You need to develop a roulette winning formula, which increases your chances of winning more often rather than focusing on a single spin.