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Citadel Instant Banking

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Last updated: 2023-03-14


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Citadel Casino Sites in Canada

Citadel is among Canada’s leading payment processing companies, with their flagship service Instant Banking by Citadel casino being one of the most popular payment methods at online casinos worldwide. Launched more than two decades ago in 2000, Citadel is highly popular for deposits and offers reliability and a safe and efficient transfer method.

If you want a payment method that you can trust with your money, look no further than Citadel. It’s trendy among the punting community. Currently, there’s a massive range of Citadel online casinos that operate in Canada. So, let’s find out every important detail you need to know about this type of payment method, its pros and cons, and casinos accepting it.

Best Citadel Instant Banking Casinos

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How to Use Citadel to Make Casino Payments

For a more comfortable life, three efficient ways exist that you can choose to pay when using Citadel. They include a downloadable app, by a rapid payment system, or via a Citadel webpage. Regardless of the method that you choose to use, in every instance, you can expect clear guidance towards your internet banking account to complete the transaction, meaning that there’s no need to register or store your data with Citadel.

Citadel Instant Banking method

What’s more, since the funds are drawn directly from your own account, there’s no danger of you spending beyond your limits. Additionally, your account updates in real-time, meaning that you can quickly keep track of what you are wagering when you use Citadel to add some real funds to your bankroll.

Regardless of the option that you find it safe and convenient to finalize your payment in a Citadel casino online, rest assured of having the transaction’s clearing instantly without any charges or fees from Citadel for making the payment via its service. You’ll get an incentive bonus from casinos that accept Citadel, and once you are done with account registration, generally by adding a few details, in a few minutes, you’ll have your account up, running, and ready to add funds.

The only major thing you need to do is choose the banking options you find convenient when you want to initiate your initial deposit. You’ll be able to see Citadel on the list of an accepted methods of banking. It really could not be easier to begin playing for real money when using Citadel as your method of deposit.

Additionally, you have no reason to worry about your personal and financial details finding their way to unauthorized persons since Citadel doesn’t share any information about its customers. What’s even good is that its security systems are some of the most secure and sophisticated on the internet.

Depositing at a Citadel casino is easy than you may think. Click on ‘Banking’, followed by ‘Deposit by the Instant Banking by Citadel’ tab. Next, enter the amount that you want to deposit and tap on the ‘Next’ tab. After that, you’ll be re-directed to ‘Instant Banking.’ Once you are here, select your bank from the dropdown menu and then log in to your internet banking account. Select the account that you intend to transfer money from, followed by the last step of approving the payment. It’s as simple as that.

The moment you are done, your online casino will receive a confirmation that the transaction is complete. The funds will then be available for you to play with immediately. The funds you transfer will hit your account almost immediately, or the latest, the next working day.

Pros and Cons of Using Citadel

Citadel Instant Banking

Several advantages and disadvantages come with using Citadel. Let’s first examine the advantages, followed by the disadvantages. The following are some of its benefits:

  1. A major advantage of playing at Citadel online casino is your anonymity. Payments do come directly from your bank account, meaning that there’s no need to preload another e-wallet or card before funding your casino account.
  2. You can also initiate payments on any device such as laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, with the funds hitting your account instantly.
  3. Since it’s unnecessary to establish a separate Citadel account, you’ll notice few third parties who can access your financial records.
  4. If your bank account doesn’t support Citadel, as opposed to using a web-based version, you can download a payment assistant app that you can use for entire future payments without having to re-install.

Besides the advantages, some disadvantages of Citadel include the following:

  1. Unfortunately, Citadel isn’t universally accepted, and the number of online casinos that accept Citadel isn’t as great compared to other payment systems.
  2. Consumers face limits the first time they fund their accounts using Citadel.
  3. You’ll not find it as a withdrawal method at some sites where you can use Citadel to make deposits.

Citadel Instant Banking Casinos Payment Pros and Cons

  • Transfers speed
  • Security level
  • Anonymity
  • Not worldwide


Is Citadel safe to use?

Citadel is 100% safe to use, as we've mentioned, as it relies upon innovative encryption mechanisms to guarantee the anonymity of online casino players.

Is a Citadel casino legal in Canada?

Mostly, yes. But if you have any hesitations, proceed and search for the nearest offline office and find out about its Canadian operations' legitimacy.

How does the payment option at Citadel work?

The moment you link your bank account with this option, you should easily make deposits and withdrawals.

Will I get bonuses at an instant banking Canada Citadel casino?

Absolutely! Just skim through numerous promos, last-minute deals, and special offers to grab the available ones.