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4 Casino with GiroPay
Last updated: 2023-03-14


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Top GiroPay Casinos in Canada 2021

Due to frequent online payments, gamblers enter their payment details on different websites and services every day. One day you can make a mistake and visit an unreliable site, resulting in disappointment. To avoid losing money, users buy electronic or prepaid cards or start using e-wallets. GiroPay Casinos keep your banking information encrypted and do not share it. Thanks to this, you can entrust your safety to the professionals and enjoy the game.

Intro to GiroPay Casinos

Like Interac Online, which is popular in Canada, GiroPay Casino payment is an online payment system. The company was founded 16 years ago in Germany and has carried out transactions for several billion since its inception. The principle of the e-wallet is elementary – you link your online banking to GiroPay, and the system transfers money from your account to the casino account directly.

This approach increases your security and allows you to maintain anonymity, which is highly valued in the gambling environment. At first, this service was only available in Germany, and then it began to expand to neighbouring countries and work globally. Several dozen GiroPay online casinos are operating in Canada for 2021. The registration process takes a few simple steps that will allow you to make deposits in one click in the future.

Best GiroPay Casinos

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Casino Deposits

Canadians who have an account in any German bank can deposit coins into their account at GiroPay Casino. So far, the company works only with banks in its country and expands the service sector every year. If you have an account with Deutsche Bank, follow the steps below to make a deposit:

  • Go to the website of one of the GiroPay Casinos.
  • Visit the deposits section or click “Add Funds.”
  • Select GiroPay from the list of payment methods.
  • You will be redirected to the GiroPay website.
  • Create an account and enter your online banking details.
  • For further deposits, you can skip these steps.
  • Enter the amount of the deposit.
  • Click pay and return to the casino website.

As soon as the bank processes your request, all funds are to your game balance. This process usually takes less than one minute and is much faster than other payment methods.

GiroPay Casino Withdrawals

Here is the bad news for Canadian players. GiroPay Casino has gone to great lengths to create the perfect deposits process, making withdrawals impossible. To receive your casino winnings, you can use any other payment method that is convenient for you. For many players, this is a direct transfer to a bank card or a classic bank transfer. Despite this drawback, thousands of gamblers stick to GiroPay Casinos to get maximum security and smooth depositing process.

GiroPay Casino Bonuses and Promotions

GiroPay Casino payment is organizing promotions for newbies. On top sites, you can get up to 1,000 CAD on your first deposit and free spins with the next top-ups. In addition, there are non-deposit offers for new slots. By paying with GiroPay, you can participate in temporary tournaments and giveaways of real prizes. Rewards can include new phones and laptops as well as luxury cruises.

GiroPay Casinos Safety and Security

When it comes to payment security, GiroPay Casinos are second to none. The first line of protection for your data is SSL encryption and certificates. Thanks to this, all personal information remains in the payment system database, and the casinos only receive a money transfer.

All your payments are strictly controlled by GiroPay and require multiple verifications. The user can make a PIN to verify the payment or enter a one-time transaction authentication number (TAN). To make money transactions faster, you can download the app or link a mobile number to receive SMS. The user can choose the amount at which the confirmation of the TAN or PIN code is required.

If you have any urgent questions about the payment, then at any time, you can call the GiroPay manager. The support team will help you find out the payment details, terms and complete information on the transaction.

Reasons to use GiroPay at Online Casinos

Aside from security, one of the strengths of GiroPay Casinos is speed. Your deposit is processed the very second the e-wallet receives money from your bank. This allows players to quickly replenish their balance during an active game evening and return to the table without losing their seats.

Those who make regular deposits choose GiroPay Casinos for low fees. In some Canadian GiroPay casinos, you can make deposits without any commission; in others, the commission is 0.8% – 1%. So instead of wasting with other payment systems, you can get more coins to play.

During the first payment, you need to create an account and fill in all bank details, just like on any other resource. But after that, you can make payments in just a few clicks and confirmations via a message or an app.


If you are a customer of one of the banks in Germany, then GiroPay Casinos appear the best option for you. The system guarantees instant deposits, high security and significant bonuses for users. Do note that you will have to use a different method to withdraw your winnings.

GiroPay Casinos Payment Pros and Cons

  • Lightning fast payments
  • Extremely low fees
  • Monthly bonuses and promos
  • Configurable verification
  • Live customer support
  • Only works with limited banks
  • Withdrawals are unavailable


Are GiroPay Casinos available in Canada?

Many online casinos support GiroPay payments in Canada for deposits.

Do GiroPay Casinos charge additional fees?

Depending on the casino, most sites have no fees for GiroPay payments, but some casinos require up to 1%.

How safe are GiroPay Casinos?

GiroPay guarantees complete data security and several levels of transaction confirmation.

Can I withdraw cash with GiroPay Casinos?

GiroPay payment system is suitable exclusively for deposits. To withdraw cash, you have to use any other method.

Why should I use GiroPay Casino?

Using GiroPay allows you to unlock casino bonuses, participate in giveaways and have 100% security of your funds.