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4 Casino with instaDebit
Last updated: 2023-03-14


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Full Casino Payment Review

In this Instadebit review, we will cover all this, plus a shortlist of Instadebit online casinos. Please keep reading for steps to get started, pros and cons, our Instadebit casino shortlist and even frequently asked questions about Instadebit.

There’s a buzz going around Reddit. That buzz is Instadebit. Featuring next to no fees, a short withdrawal time and little to no seller contact, Instadebit is slowly becoming a choice for Canadian casinos. Don’t get your account blocked; use Instadebit for ease and convenience. Not to mention it will protect your valuable banking and card information away from your casino of choice, allowing more security in your online transactions.

Best instaDebit Casinos

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How to Use Instadebit


Instadebit connects directly to your bank account and allows you to make purchases and transactions online. You do not need to pre-fund your Instadebit account; click your bank, and go. It works with any Canadian bank branch and is trusted by merchants on thousands of websites.

To use Instadebit, create an account at official site and connect your bank account. From there, you’re free to use Instadebit however you please, in this case, Instadebit Casinos. When it comes to casinos, we have you covered with our shortlist below. There you will find our top 10 Instadebit casinos.

Once you find an Instadebit casino to your liking, please make an account and link it to your Instadebit account. From there, you can make withdrawals and deposits from your bank account without ever giving your casino of choice your bank information.

In a matter of a few steps, you can be up and playing at an Instadebit casino. Follow the steps below to start up and get to play at your casino of choice. Not sure where to choose? Check our shortlist of our top 15 Instadebit casinos below.

Start Playing in 7 Steps:

  1. Create an account at site
  2. Link your bank account to your Instadebit Account
  3. Select an Instadebit casino (see our shortlist below)
  4. Create an account with your casino of choice
  5. Connect your Instadebit account to your casino account
  6. Deposit to the casino using your Instadebit
  7. Play away!

Pros and Cons

instadebit payment

As you will see, there are various pros to using Instadebit and minimal cons. Protect your bank information; use Instadebit today! It may just be one of our favourite payment options available because it is fast, secure and safe. Stop giving away your bank information with Instadebit.

Please keep reading for our shortlist of casinos offering Instadebit payments. The only real downsides are that withdrawals may take time to show up in your account and that it is not as widely accepted as some other forms of payment.

So what are you waiting for? Not sure where to play? Check out our shortlist below for our top 15 casinos that take Instadebit. Once you have an Instadebit account linked to your bank, you can get going on some great sign up and deposit bonuses at these great casinos and get to what you want most, playing.


Instadebit may become one of the banking choices of the future in Canada. No need to pre-load your account, connect your bank, and start playing. Your bank information will be protected and secured from websites and sellers by Instadebit. It is a safe and reliable system that will bring your casino game to a new level.

With our shortlist above, you will find our top 10 Canadian online, Instadebit casinos. This list will help you find your favourite casino and get to playing even faster.

Instadebit may be one of our top choices for payment. It protects your valuable banking information by keeping it away from your chosen casino while allowing you to pay and play as much as you’d like. As always, please know your limit and play within it.

instaDebit Casinos Payment Pros and Cons

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Not instant withdrawals
  • Not worldwide


What is InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is an online payment platform. It connects directly to your bank account, allowing you to make purchases and transactions online. In using InstaDebit, it protects your valuable bank information from whatever you choose to use. In this case, your casino of choice will not need your bank information. Just connect your InstaDebit account.

Is InstaDebit Safe?

InstaDebit is very safe. It protects your bank information from sellers and merchants as they will only see your InstaDebit account. Stop giving away card numbers and bank information at every turn. If you choose InstaDebit, sellers and merchants will only see your InstaDebit account, not your bank.

How does InstaDebit Work?

InstaDebit works by connecting your bank account. It will remove transactions made from your bank balance. You can also accept withdrawals and refunds from your InstaDebit account. These withdrawals may take some time. Because of how InstaDebit works, your casino of choice will link to your InstaDebit instead of your bank. In this manner, you will keep your bank information more secure as the casino will only see your InstaDebit account.

How long until I get my refund?

InstaDebit takes 2-3 business days to process refunds and withdrawals. You will see the money in your account sometime after this. This process is according to InstaDebit’s website, and actual times may vary.