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11 Casino with Skrill
Last updated: 2023-03-14


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Full Skrill Casino Payment Review

Do you happen to be a casino gaming fan –especially in Canada- on the hunt for an electronic wallet payment solution to use at Skrill gambling sites of your choice? If that’s the case, then stop your search and proceed on reading.

Skrill is one of the best electronic wallet payment solutions for you. As an online casino gaming enthusiast, you can send and receive your winnings via Skrill relatively fast and easily. This payment solution is acceptable in several counties, and Canada isn’t an exception at all.

You can use Skrill for gambling since the company has gone ahead to ensure that it builds a stellar reputation for providing casino gaming enthusiasts with a safe, reliable, and convenient means of making deposits and undertaking withdrawals from reputable Skrill casino sites.

Today, Skrill boasts of more than 36 million customers globally, most of whom come from the online gaming industry. Start here to find out some of the best Skrill casinos. Find out how to use Skrill casino for gambling and how to receive and deposit funds via Skrill.

  • Wide variety of slots games
  • 50+ Live Dealer games
  • Sports betting
  • Great on mobile

Best Skrill Casinos

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How to Use Skrill for Gambling

Skrill can help to move funds between different accounts in one of the quickest and seamless ways. But how does Skrill work when it comes to gambling online? It’s simple than you may imagine. Even though it may look somewhat tricky, that’s not so. Below is an explanation of how to use skrill casino when it comes to gambling.

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First, you need to head to their official website and get to sign up there. Here, they’ll require your name, surname, and your date of birth. They’ll also demand your card information for purposes of connecting it to a Skrill casino of your choice. You need to ensure that you provide this information to them correctly.

After providing them with the above information, you’ll now have to head to their online Skrill casino deposit page, where you will have to make a minimum deposit of 5 euros. Of importance to note is that on this page, you’ll find an option to use Skrill. On clicking on this icon, you’ll be asked to put your email, followed by a password.

Mostly, they’ll also ask you to enter or key the amount of money that you desire to transfer online. Here, you’ll have to insert the amount that you wish, followed by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button. On clicking or tapping this icon, a new page will open. Head on to log in to your Skrill casino account from here for some confirmation. Once you do this, the funds will be transferred to the Skrill online casino of your choice.

Of importance to note, though, you may have to incur small transaction fees, although there are hardly any fees in most cases. But there’s no need to worry as such since its value isn’t that big. There’s nothing hard as such, meaning that you should be able to handle it. Ensure that you are careful and avoid mistakes. Don’t enter your name incorrectly or choose the wrong payment method.

Should you wish to withdraw your winnings, make sure that you follow almost the same steps as those you used to make a deposit. Login to your Skrill Canada gambling account, open the banking section, select Skrill, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Finally, press or tap on the ‘Withdraw’ icon.

Pros and Cons of Using Skrill as a Payment Solution on Skrill Gambling Sites

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Choosing a payment option for online casino baking is one of the most challenging decisions, with each method coming with its benefits and drawbacks. Several services come with using Skrill. This is one payment solution almost all Skrill casino sites accept, meaning you can use it at your chosen casino site.

Skrill also comes with the advantage of fast payouts, with no irritating and long waits for matters concerning ID verification or having to wait long for a check to hit the mail. If you choose to gamble online, then Skrill casinos are some of the quickest around. It also has the brilliant feature of offering services in more than 200 countries and deals with 40 different currencies.

There are, of course, certain drawbacks that come with using Skrill for gambling. For instance, Skrill does charge some fees, especially for international transactions. Additionally, you need to have money or funds in your e-wallet if you want to make some payments. Otherwise, you’d have to go through two steps and transfer funds out of your bank account. Also, Skrill casino sites tend to differ. Depending on the site, a withdrawal may take up to three working days.

Skrill Casinos Payment Pros and Cons

  • Speed
  • Regulation
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Identity checks
  • Country restrictions
  • Casino restrictions


Is Skrill a safe payment solution to transfer funds to a Skrill casino site?

Absolutely! Skrill is very safe and relies on the latest security technology, such as 128-bit and 256-bit SSL encryption.

How does Skrill payment option exactly work?

Skrill does act as a middleman between the casino and the payment option. Users get to add payment options such as MasterCard and Visa to their Skrill accounts and use them to make payments.

Can I withdraw my winnings using Skrill?

Yes! Skrill is a popular withdrawal method that you can use to cash out your winnings to your bank account.

Does Canada allow Skrill casino deposits?

Yes. Most casinos in Canada allow a wide range of payment methods. Skrill is one of the most popular ones.