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Blackjack Winning Strategies to Top the Winners’ Chart


Daniel King / 2021-10-29


Blackjack is an enjoyable card counting game that you can always play in your free time. However, that makes it an effortless way to lose money. Therefore, you must play strategically to avoid getting lost in the thrill and the losses.

The following blackjack winning strategy lesson shortlists a couple of techniques you may master to ensure your blackjack stakes are yours to win. Remember, there isn’t the blackjack perfect strategy, but you could be the ideal strategist. Let’s go!

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Six Terrific Blackjack Winning Strategies to Be Badass at A Blackjack Game

Double Down on a Hard 11 When Necessary

To double down means to increase your wager by 100 percent. Doubling down on hard 11 against the dealer instead of hitting all games offers you an edge that they don’t see coming. You may double down on a hard 11 when:

  • You have a hard nine while the blackjack dealer has a 2–6 (inclusive) face-up card
  • You have a hard 10 or 11 while the dealer has a lower face-up card
  • You have a soft 16, 17, or 18, while the dealer has a 2–6 (inclusive) upcard
However, suppose the round is a multi-deck that requires the dealer to stand on soft 17, you may hit against the dealer’s ace to have better chances.

Split a Pair of Aces and 8s Every Time

Splitting a pair of aces and 8s, always notwithstanding the dealer’s face-up card, appears illogical to most beginners for an apparent reason. What’s the need to stake more cash considering your underdog status?

However, such players fail to realize that they improve their underdog status when they deal two hands that both start with 8 (thanks to splitting). You’d have a better chance than dealing one hand of 16 if you hit.

In essence, a blackjack player tends to win more in the long run when they split their 8s against 9 or 10. This possibility extends to acing rather than hitting hard on 16. A blackjack winning strategy betting approach helps you win bigger or cut your losses.

Avoid Splitting a Pair of Fives or Tens

A pair of fives equals a hard ten, and splitting them may hamper your blackjack winning chances. On the other hand, keeping your pair of fives offers a better shot since you’ll only have to take a draw of one or more cards.

Also, hitting your cards together as 20 is better than splitting them into tens, especially when the dealer stands on soft 17. Standing on your pair of tens offers you an 83 percent winning chance but just a 17 percent losing chance.

However, should you split the tens, the blackjack winning percentage decreases to 63 while the losing value increases to 37.

Hit a Hard 12 Against a Face-up 2 Or 3 Card Always

There are only two options when the house deals you a 12, and the dealer has a 2 or 3: hit or stand. Unfortunately, most players choose to stand rather than hit because they fear they might bust by hitting.

However, you should know that you’ll always bust when the blackjack chart pans out in this manner — the best you can do is minimize the loss.

Only four cards can cause you a bust when you hit a 12. They are:

  • 10
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King

However, five cards can help achieve a 17 made hand through 21; they are:

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

Suppose you receive a two-card 12, and the dealer gets a face-up card of 2 in a six-deck round where the dealer has to stand on soft 17. You’ll win 37.4 percent of the match and lose 62.6 percent of the round if you hit. Similarly, you’ll win 35.2 percent and lose 64.8 percent of the hands of your stand.

Both moves result in a loss, but simple math knowledge explains you lose less by hitting. For instance, you lose 25 percent by hitting and 29 percent by standing on a $10 wager when the circumstances are this way. You get to save $4 using this simple new blackjack winning strategy!

blackjack winning hand

Hit Ace-7 Against the Blackjack Dealer’s Face-up 9, 10, or Ace Card

A common error among blackjack card counting gamblers is the belief that 18 totals one hand, and that’s why they naturally stand on soft 18. However, this assumption may not be the smartest move.

Holding an Ace 7 against a dealer’s 9, 10, or 10 automatically makes you an underdog whether you hit or stand. However, you increase your blackjack game winning chances if you decide to hit. Why?

Going ahead to draw up a small card line 2, 3, or Ace gives you a higher-than-18 pat hand and improves your winning percentage. Plus, there’s no harm to your hand, supposehand, suppose you draw a ten-value card. This blackjack winning strategy technique may help get to either a hard 17 via 21 or a soft 19–21.

Stand With a Pair of Nines Against the Dealer’s Face-up 7

A pair of 9s when the dealer has an upcard of 7 often puts you in a winning position whether you stand or split. Therefore, you may consider maximizing your wins as the dealer would have done, too — and to do so, stand! It’s simple mathematics.

Typically, ten-value cards are four times more than every other rank in a deck. As such, there’s always a reasonable probability that they’ll have a ten in the hole when they have a 7. So, the dealer often has a 17 pat hand when their face-up card is 7.

Fortunately, your pair of 9s equals 18, and that supersedes the dealer’s likely 17. Consequently, everyone may agree that standing is smarter than hitting in these circumstances.

Do You Have a Blackjack Winning Strategy That Works in All Plays?

Blackjack’s thrilling nature makes it an excellent way to pass the time during break or before hitting the sheets at home. What’s better? You can cut down on losses and maximize your wins by utilizing the appropriate strategy on how to win blackjack for each scenario. In addition, you may use any trustworthy blackjack strategy calculator to analyze the ideal technique for every chart play.

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