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Money$uit 31: 3… 2…1… PLAY!


Daniel King / 2021-11-12


Casino games are the entire rave for gambling lovers. With a myriad of card and table games at one’s disposal to play, it is no wonder why this is so. But some games are more appealing than and quite different from the others, one of which is the Money$uit 31.

Ever wondered how to win and gain mastery of the Money$uit 31 casino game? Yes? – Search no further. You are in the right place. Keep reading to know all about the latest table game in the world of casino plays.

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Money$uit 31 Casino Game – know the game

Debuting at the Lac Vieux Desert Resort and Casino in Michigan, January 2015, the Money$uit 31 is a new one-deck three-card style casino table game of up to seven players who play the odds with an option of a single draw.

The dealer pitches three cards to each player face down, and for every play, a player receives one new card from the dealer. In this game, however, the house dealer does not play.

The regular blackjack scoring point system is used, where face cards equal 10 points, aces must always be 11, and other cards are worth their face values.

While a three-card hand with identical suits is valued to determine the points total, an exception is made where a player has a three-card hand of the same rank (three of a kind). This is because the trips can be totalled to determine a win in such a situation, even if it comprises non-suit cards.

To guarantee a win at the game, you have to know what the Money$uit 31 rules are.

The aim behind Money$uit 31 is: get a combination of up to 3 suited cards to get the total point value of 17 or higher (31 max).

Money$uit 31 rules – how to play Money$uit 31 table game

Just like any other casino table game, there are guiding rules to be followed. In the case of the Money$uit 31 casino game, the following are the rules and procedures for playing:

  1. Play an optional Natural 31 bonus wager and ante wager
    The Optional Natural 31 wager bet is an optional bet made before cards are dealt. It is not required to play the hand, but only the natural hands (aka the initial three cards dealt) are eligible for a payout according to the available pay table for the Natural 31 wager. On the flip side, players must place the ante wager before the hand is dealt, which pushes a 1 to 1 payout on any winning hand according to what’s available on the play pay table.
  2. Determine the Money$uit
    One of the most important Money$uit 31 rules is to determine the Money$uit. The dealer rolls or shakes two custom dice from the shaker placed at the centre of the table to do this. One die has either “Black” or “Red” displayed on it while the other shows a black and a red suit (a heart and a spade or a club and a diamond). After rolling, the suit that displays face up one of the suited dice that matches the colour displayed on the other die determines the Money$uit. However, in non-dice jurisdictions, the Money$uit remains constant according to the desired Money$uit printed at the centre of the table.
  3. Pitch the cards and play
    After the Money$uit is determined and wagers placed, the next thing on the Money$uit 31 rules is for the dealer to deal the cards to the players face down. After the players have viewed their cards, they can either make a play wager equal to the ante or fold hands (which means to forfeit the ante and optional Natural 31 bets and have the dealer collect the cards).
  4. Make a play bet
    According to the Money$uit 31 rules, if a player chooses to make a play bet equal to the ante, the dealer draws a fourth card face down, improving his hand and having a shot at a win. The play wager also receives a payout determined by the play wager pay table.
  5. Revealing players cards
    After all final hands, the dealer exposes the players initial three cards by turning them face up to determine the wins and losses. The dealer also resolves the Optional Natural 31 side bet, the ante wager, and the play bets as he also reveals the fourth draw card.
    The dealer then combines cards of the same suit to determine the value of points in a payer’s hand. A win is recorded where a player’s suit of his greatest number of points matches the declared Money$uit.

After that, chips are distributed accordingly, and the winning pay is multiplied according to the Money$uit 31 multiplier on the pay tables.

Money$uit 31 game

Play strategy for Money$uit 31

To give you an edge in the game, we advise you to play if you have any of the following hands:

  • 3 unsuited cards of a value of 7 or higher
  • 2 varying suits totalling 10 points or higher
  • A pair of 7’s or better
  • A suited 15 or better
  • A pair of 2’s – 6’s when holding a suited 10 or better


At first glance, the Money$uit 31 may seem a daunting task or one of those casino card games too complicated to play. But once you get to it, it will readily become your best card game yet. Learn the ropes by following the game rules critically and taking to the play strategy, and you’d see that Money$uit 31 can be a walk through the park once you have mastered the art.

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