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5 Casino with iDEAL
Last updated: 2023-03-14


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Top iDEAL Casinos in Canada 2021

By blindly choosing a payment system, you risk being scammed or falling victim to long withdrawals and high fees. To prevent this, prepare in advance and find out the full information about available payment methods.

The review will also help you participate in iDeal Casino bonuses and increase your profit after the gaming session. Use the best tools to protect your payment information, and don’t worry about your bank accounts.

iDEAL Casinos Overview

iDEAL casino

iDEAL Casino is one of the banking options that Canadians can choose from during balance top up. Since its foundation in 2005, iDEAL has established itself as a great payment system for those who like to save time and care of their internet security. This is a Dutch company that initially operated only in its own country and then expanded to more than 60 countries around the globe.

Like the e-wallet, the online casino iDeal payment option allows you to skip bank calls and make instant payments. This system is a reliable and legal intermediary between the buyer and the bank, which encrypts all your data and provides 100% security of funds.

Best iDEAL Casinos

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iDEAL Casino Deposits

iDeal payments are perfectly designed for any online casino financial operations. To add a new stack of coins to your account, go to the “Banking” or “Deposits” section of the casino. Click the casino iDeal Payment option and login with your bank account. After filling out all the forms, the amount you specified will be credited to your balance. Since iDEAL Casino is a company from the Netherlands, Canadians face some nuances when making deposits:

  1. iDEAL only supports Dutch banks, so you must have an account.
  2. iDEAL does not impose any fees, but a casino or a bank can do it.
  3. It may take a while to contact the company’s support.

If the above points are not critical for you, then iDEAL remains one of the first-class payment methods to top-up your balance.

iDEAL Casino Withdrawals

The inability to withdraw funds is one of the most critical drawbacks of iDEAL Casinos. IDeal withdrawals are not available for Canadians, Dutchmen and players from any other supported country. To receive the winnings, you can use one of the e-wallets, card transfers or do it directly via cash transfers between banks.

But iDEAL Casino continues to improve its services and works to develop withdrawals on gambling sites. Once this feature becomes available, you will be able to cash out instantly at all top iDeal casinos.

iDEAL Promotions

iDEAL Casinos are holding regular deposit promotions. If you take advantage of the offer within the specified time frame and throw more coins using iDEAL, you will receive free spins and multipliers.

Safety and security

iDEAL Casinos may have impenetrable protection, which has never failed over 16 years of work. Direct connection with the most extensive online banking systems guarantees high security of all money transfers. To date, iDEAL has already provided more than 2 billion successful transactions, and the number of gamblers who choose this method is growing.

To confirm your purchase at some casinos, you need to scan a unique QR code. This saves you the hassle of visiting your online banking page and filling out data. All your information stored by iDEAL is strictly encrypted, so you remain anonymous for the gambling site.

With the help of a mobile app, you can control all transactions, confirm purchases and use another level of scam defence – two-factor authentication. Choose from several verification methods and have complete control over every payment.

Reasons to use iDEAL at online casinos

We decided to highlight the unique advantages of iDEAL Casinos, the first of which is speed. After confirmation of payment, it takes a few seconds for funds to be credited to the balance. You can make this process even smoother if you start using the app and the QR code scanner.


iDEAL is a powerful payment tool for Canadian players as long as you have a bank account. If you have such an opportunity, then be sure to use it and start making deposits with iDeal because they have no equal speed and security. Check out the top Canadian casinos with active iDeal bonuses and enjoy free spins on regular deposits.

iDEAL Casinos Payment Pros and Cons

  • High security and safety
  • Zero fees from the iDeal side
  • Mobile app compatible with Android and iPhones
  • Fast payments within few seconds
  • Extra bonuses for iDeal top ups
  • Supports Dutch bank accounts only
  • Withdrawals are not available


Can I trust iDEAL Casinos?

Absolutely, this is one of the most reliable payment systems globally with 100% data protection.

Are iDEAL Casinos available in Canada?

Major casinos in Canada support iDEAL as one of the banking options for deposits.

How to pay with iDEAL Casinos?

You enter your online banking details, and the system conducts instant transactions directly from your account.

Can I get casino bonuses using iDEAL?

The most popular iDEAL casinos grant players bonuses, including free spins for top-ups using this payment system.

Why should I use iDEAL Casino payment?

The main reasons to use iDEAL are the high reliability and security of your data, instant payments, no hidden fees and a convenient mobile app for payments.